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  2. Joe Scarborough Snubs Soldiers & Cops As 'Heroes Of The Trump Era'

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  4. RT @daM00N_: i will block the sun

  5. RT @MaanTaoCos: HE'S HERE

  6. @jlist I don't see a problem here /shrug

  7. Odd Youtube-related messages in console

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  8. Odd Youtube-related messages in console

    Workaround: ignore those, as long as it works they don't matter
  9. tutorial - attempt to index local object

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  10. RT @NintendoEurope: The next Splatfest takes place during the first weekend in September. Which superpower would you choose: Flight or Invi…

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  12. I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Hacknet

  13. 1000 ;3

  14. RT @jonrosenberg: If you ever wondered how regular folks stood by and watched Germany descend into naziism, well, you're soaking in it.


  16. RT @nekoama: Dumb comic please enjoy

  17. RT @GeorgeoBrooks: I accidentally LITERALLY just killed two birds with one stone in BotW

  18. RT @HilariousEdited: i've just come across one of my favourite videos on the internet

  19. RT @_UltimateKahlil: Good Morning hope everyones having a good day except the guy who made this

  20. I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Splatoon 2

  21. RT @thetomska: Uuh hell yeah I'm "obese"!!! O verweight B ecause E ating S oothes my E motional torment

  22. RT @SplatoonJP: イカの世界に存在する数々のブランドをご紹介してきたが、これで一通りが出揃った。 ギアは見た目で選ぶもよし、ギアパワーで選ぶもよし、お気に入りのコーディネートを探してみよう。 見た目にも機能にもこだわるなら、「ゲソタウン」もチェックすることをオスス…

  23. @Mangamaskinen UUU KAN DOO IT!

  24. @Mangamaskinen look what I found on my feed

  25. @Nomiie91 Ja ^^

  26. (Ban Appeal)

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  27. RT @MatPatGT: We are all born beautiful. The greatest tragedy is being convinced that we're not.

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