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  2. Uranus is going to look really, really cool Thursday night - CNET

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  4. How This 'Crypto-Anarchist' Could Completely Destroy Gun Control

  5. RT @internetofshit: Happy Monday, every device connected to Wi-FI on the planet is leaking your data.

  6. RT @ValveTime: Thumbnails of new private Team Fortress 2 videos. #tf2

  7. RT @HorribleSubs: tfw Intel hired some LoL player to name their product lines when will get xeon diamond and xeon challenger? 🤔 https://t.…

  8. Samurai Jack creator explains Jack’s tragic ending, addresses finale complaints

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  10. Thought I was joking at first when I first thought of it but it actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. I propose a speedrun category for GCinema involving acquiring all achievements except most time-based, all RNG-based, most coin-based, and all meta-based (like the achievement for joining the forum) achievements. To complete the run, you must, as fast as possible, earn every of the following achievements:1. All achievements under the Apartments section.2. All achievements under the GCinema HQ section.3. All achievements under the coins section except Dank Banker, Feed the Poor, Hatty Impersonator, I don't need a loan, Kind Sir, Lucky Fella, Scrapping by, Slot Grinder, Super Lucky Fella, and Wrong Number.4. All achievements under the Items section.5. The Super Nerd achievement.6. All achievements under the Misc section except Sitcom and Slice of Life.7. This Is My Land! achievement.8. All achievements under the VIP section.9. Variety Queue Master achievement. This would probably require being able to reset your achievements but perhaps not. I am interested to see how many people (if any) will want to take on this challenge.
  11. RT @Powder_pi: ちがう、そうじゃない

  12. @goldenrusset Now that the movie is finished, are you going to go back to working at all on the show?

  13. @horotv Have fun

  14. @isitlunchyet_t @ImperfectXIII It's too bad these song credits aren't on the screen, and that crew like you have to tell us on Twitter.

  15. Tetris - Perfect Clear: über @YouTube

  16. Olbermann Attacks Shapiro On Gun Control. Shapiro DISMANTLES Him.

  17. Good Shooter. Best Shooter. I'm bad. At least the music is good and fitting. #space #gamedev

  18. I haven’t been online lately and I’ve seen that, anything I’ve missed?

  19. Where Does Evil Come From?

  20. @OfficialGCinema

  21. Halloween is Coming ► FULL EP by MandoPony (24 Minutes of SPOOKY MUSIC!) via @YouTube

  22. RT @jlist: Honey, I found a picture of your grandmother.

  23. RT @ponyficprompts: Shining Armor has a exciting day in Yakyakistan

  24. RT @tuyoki: i'll probably do horribly at inktober so i started early, drew some woomy splatoons and the only thing i ever use…

  25. Trump Acts To Get More Supplies To Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

  26. RT @artistsnclients: Trust in your art.

  27. BoJack Horseman's Fourth Season Explores Inherited Trauma – and Changes Everything (Spoiler warning) via @TVGuide

  28. I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

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