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Everytime the server updates you need to follow this guide again

(You can usually tell an update if the server says you are missing mods)

How to install:

  1. Download the launcher from
  2. Setup your profile and select the "monster" pack
  3. Click on the recommended drop down and select 1.1.2
  4. Launch the monster pack and close the game
  5. Click on edit mod pack when selecting monster pack
  6. Enable everything but Opis, JourneyMap, and ReiMinimap
  7. Download
  8. Open your install folder for FTB and goto Monster/minecraft and drop the contents of that zip inside Overwrite everything
  9. I recommend going into the launcher's settings and turning the ram to atleast 3 gigs!
  10. Launch monster and you are done
  11. Add your minecraft name to
  12. Go ahead and connect to

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