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Hi, I'm Ashland. Friend of Hardcore who some of you may know. I'm also a friend of Yellowpainting, Lordrice, Greis, Vigon and usually anyone else that may come into whichever teamspeak3 channel we decide to migrate to. Basically the reason why we showed up here was because the owner of the last teamspeak3 server we went to didn't want to pay for it anymore, so Hardcore a unanimously chosen to find us a new place us nomads could settle. So now we're here. Most of us are pretty friendly, but usually we keep to ourselves. I'm glad Hardcore found this place, the majority of you seem like good people. That pretty much sums it up. If you want consider this an AMA and go ahead and ask me anything... Oh and also Yellowpaint...



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Welcome! Glad to see new faces around these parts.

Here's a basic rundown of "How to survive GCinema":

1. What happens in Katies channel stays in Katies channel.
2. Don't listen to anything Katie has to say. Unless its funny then laugh.
3. MADMAN is a noob even though he will try to convince you otherwise.
4. Have fun!
3. MADMAN is a noob.
2. Katie is a noob.
1. I am a noob.

All in all: Welcome, have fun, and enjoy your stay.

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