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I am always in search of new content and things to listen to. I frequent /r/listentothis, but wanted to see what this community has to offer. Maybe together we can find new things to jam out to and share with our friends as well.

I guess to start off with the sharing I'd like to show off a Progressive Rock band I found on /r/listentothis that I can put on their entire album collection [ Currently only 3 and about 20ish songs ] and have that as going background music while I work on things. They are an insturmental band so it makes it easy to just have on while you go about doing whatever...

Polyphia~ Some Notable tracks:
Finale - This is actually the first song and video I saw from this band and it got me interested.
Champagne - I think this track is just fun and love it, and the video too.
Impassion - This is another fun, and I find it relaxing in a way.

Before that band another one I always like to default to is Devin Townsend Project. Another Progressive Rock/Metal that I could put on his music collection and be very content. His album collection is quite larger and each album kind of has a theme to it.

Devin Townsend ~Noteworthy tracks:
Kingdom - I dunno what it is, but this track feels quite large and epic. Almost like a wall of sound hitting you at the opening.
Supercrush - Just love this one to be honest, another large and open sounding track.
Vampira - I like the progression of this track is all and the video makes it a favorite that gets stuck in my head.

Vhell, hopefully we can discover some track together if anyone is interested! Could be any genre you'd like, just something you think others should listen to... IE what is your fallback album or artist if you can't decide what to listen to. Doesn't have to be long winded either, perhaps a certain album everyone should know. 

Thanks for reading~

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I'm really random when it comes to music. It only depends on the melodies that can spark something in me. It can be any genre of music really. I can go from heavy metal to classical music. Lol. 

However, I do have a type of music I usually tend to listen to more often. I follow https://soundcloud.com/monstercat , and from here I get to listen to loads of electronic music and others. This will be my suggestion to anyone looking for something new. They also have a youtube channel, just look around and you'll find it. They release a ton of tracks every now and then, just as they also make mixes of all their producers every week. So go on ahead and give it a try! 


I also suggest another pretty neat website which daily offers new music from all and every possible person from around the world. https://plug.dj/ ! This is another website of theirs, where you can have plenty of rooms, people are free to join any. Their main one is of course "Monstercat+Tasty", and what basically this PlugDJ thing is, you are free to play a song of your choice when you get to be the dj. 

I hope that opens up a few doors to new music for you guys. ^^ Have fun. :3

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