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 Sorry kinda new here ^^; was just looking between the gametracker info as well as the staff info and was wondering is there not a hour requirement for staff? I see some moderators have not been active in a year or longer? Maybe I'm basing this off previous experiences but I believe the starting point of a healthy community is a confident and regulated staff base. How they interact with the community and stuff. I understand the server has been kind slow/dead, but I believe implementing a hour requirement may boost this for a few reasons.

  1. No one wants too get on a server where they see 0 players at, seeing a staff member would show at least some interest and activity.
  2. The more engaged in the community your staff are the more likely they will be to draw a crowd, get out there and host activities, do events and ect- word will travel and more people may be inclined to join.
  3. (just opinion) When I see little to no activity from moderators it makes me think that the project is nothing more than a foot note among the other servers hosted, I mean not naming anyone in particular but some moderators haven't shown activity since july of 2018...

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