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  1. Why does life have to be so... busy

    1. dodjer

      I feel your pain *hugs*

  2. !!OBSOLETE!! I had also been working on a UCC pony file creator and I just wanted to share my version with all of you... This is no where near as fancy as scratchie's but it will get the same job done. My UCC file creator does not have a UI it runs in a command prompt and asks questions to help you accomplish an OC. download:
  3. I may not be into the whole fishing server thing but fish in the pool would be interesting... would give people a reason to buy VIP
  4. I would like to have suicide back it added a whole new level of fun to the game and maybe there is a way to get rid of the sound that made it get removed...
  5. Hey GCinema people I have a new player model suggestion SLY COOPER I think this model looks good but in the end it is up to you
  6. I REALLY want the renamon playermodel in this game it would satisfy me to the highest point here is the link for the renamon playermodel: Please consider it :D