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  1. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of those who backed up or pre-ordered Mighty Nº9.

    1. Cyanoxus

      Such a tragedy. 

    2. Legendarypocuswand

      What exactly happened? Is it cancelled yet?


    3. Cyanoxus

      Nah, unfortunately it got released. :P

  2. Google keeps recommending me to play "10 billion wives"... I suppose it's polygamy waifu time then

    1. TheMacGuy

      I played lots of 10 billion wives while I was commuting during the spring. It's just as as addictive as any clicker game xD

    2. Ratser

      I tried playing it... but there are too many waifus and it makes my fingers hurt :c

  3. http://bit.ly/216t4DF This comment section is in caveman mode

  4. Mario's VA says "hi" to gcinema. He thinks it's great that people around the world watch videos together. The staff didn't let me record the message though :/

    1. Naelily

      He seems like a really nice guy ~ that's cool c:

      ...Lol coment

  5. Hallo, Guten Abend! Willkommen auf das Regime! Das Imperium ist sehr gut!
  6. >DnD team out of mana
    >Forced to become a furry and roll the dice to "seduce the dragon"
    >Still get eaten

    1. Coment

      >GM indicates that it was seduced, actually

      >Dragon was into vore


  7. Drinking Fiji water and Arizona green tea at the same time. I can feel my head is slowly turning into a roman bust of the sun god, Helios.

    1. Ratser

      Also, Helios is a greek god, not roman. So in the end, it was all in my head.

  8. Future reference: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=spanish&id=222876566
  9. My condolences to all the people who just bought a Titan X.

  10. All work and no Overwatch makes Ratser a S A D B O Y

  11. Goodnight sweet Prince. May your freshness be always remembered in west Philadelphia.

  12. :weed:


    1. TheMacGuy

      A saw a plane flying in the sky with a banner saying. "Smoke Weed" 

    2. Ratser

      Well, it's a signal from heaven... *lights up a fat joint*

  13. Anyone up for some Overwatch sick mlg sniping. Add me Ratser#1955

    1. Saturni

      ill add you :D i might be the only one with a beta invite with you :D