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  1. http://www.pcgamer.com/a-garrys-mod-sequel-is-in-the-works/ doesn't sound like we'd be getting a new game any time soon at all, but at least they are thinking/working/are on board with the idea of a new gmod or gmod-esque game. Also VR gmod. Edit: "GCinema2 hype " -Ratser "I'm glad there's a new GMod in the works. The current game is fun, but it's spaghetti code held together by duct tape and glue. Every much-needed update breaks everything." -Random Facebook user, Christopher Logan Palmer
  2. uhhhh yeah seems good, but im probably going to lose frames when other people are being rendered probably anyway. Some areas are about 300fps (which i assume is max) but the at the club it didn't go under 40, which would be an improvement maaaaaybe? I lack data to make a decision on that one really.
  3. wow anime44 is a clone lol. No ads too, but it seems to lack 1080p streams, or at least on the anime I looked at.
  4. Apparently "A lot of videos are broken", but it's back so.... yeah. It was back up earlier, but was taken back down due to some issues or something. edit: no its not. "We're fixing the site, please come back later. It could take 1 ~ 3 days."
  5. Well the script is supposed to make it so I won't need to remember which key is spawn, showing a clear beneficial use for me. If it work that is.
  6. how does this even work. How does one use it. not exactly self explanatory -also i think it doesn't work, at least for me. http://i.imgur.com/IkaWzU0.png also am i supposed to have to hold the button down? I just have no idea how to use it, i don't even know if it works lol. -the act one seems to work, i would like the key to switch through them to be different from one that shows what is selected though.
  7. context of screenshot chat: I forgot my !spawn bind so i was hitting lots of keys.
  8. Just for you I have this special offer, of TWO stylesheets for the price of ONE!!!! Order now and I'll DOUBLE IT AGAIN!!! That FOUR for the price of ONE!!!
  9. If you find the logs look annoying, an eyesore, or just want a new look and feel then today is your lucky day. For only 10 easy payments of FREE you too can get a more modest looking log experience TODAY. Simply download the chrome extension Stylish or similar browser extension, and use THIS code (or your own variant) on https://www.gcinema.net/logs/ and http://www.gcinema.net/logs/ with it. Edit: Updated
  10. The 360 videos look best on android phones(idk about iphones), where you can turn physically to change the video view.
  11. idk if its possible at all, but something like a spherical room with a invisible, or transparent floor that would display a 360 degree video from youtube. like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RPurvYriHI just a crazy, impractical, possibly impossible idea...
  12. Getting "burned" by a torch. perhaps
  13. It would be nice to have some touhou models. There used to be a Reimu one, though it wasn't ever added to the shop to my knowledge.