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  1. Legendaryvenomz

    Wallpaper Dump :3

  2. Legendaryvenomz

    Player Model Suggestions

    Need Postal dude playermodel.
  3. Legendaryvenomz

    I found an image

    This is genuinely terrifying. Wonder why nobody does it anymore..
  4. Legendaryvenomz

    How did YOU become a brony?

    Browsing the interwebs. See picture of ponies, looks cute. Look at a few more. 'Damn I'm strange but I actually find this cute.' Watches an episode. 'Wow, that was pretty relateable/funny' Feels like a freak watching a little girls show, but finds people are into the same stuff. →Becomes Brony Moral of story: Browsing the internet you can find people into the same weird sh*t you are into no matter what.
  5. Legendaryvenomz

    Is this ok a friend built them

    You finally finished it. Awesome!
  6. Legendaryvenomz

    Player Model Suggestions

    What about Titanfall playermodels? Or maybe Aiden Pierce, ready for Watchdogs.