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  1. and a way to prevent people stealing your stuffs when in party incase trolls/griefers
  2. so say like you type !players to see everyone thats online or logged in ?
  3. either works i just think the info should be available somewhere and stickied so its easy to find
  4. can this thread be stickied like this stuff is still needed right?
  5. we used to have a skype party everyone abandoned it though :c
  6. how do you get to the air boats the walls are locked up tight and no one wants to help pin point the activation to opening them
  7. cam goes side ways and under the screen into the floor and then you see space stars
  8. but monitor only 2-3 years old maybe and still pretty good also im broke already owe people like $400 for an upcoming trip + more money soon cuz going see a movie next week and i still has an entire college debt to pay off
  9. my monitor doesnt support higher than 1600x900 21 inch hp pavilian idk what year is buncha stuff on the box it came in and i dont want to pull it out right now
  10. idk just put the game into 1440x900 16:10 full screen and it still needs a scroll bar
  11. just tried full screen mode and it was effecting my actual display settings and making everything else way too big or small and had no change on the menu
  12. no idea pretty sure if i go up one it will be too big for my screen this big 1280x720 if i go to 1600x900 adjusted aspect to 16:10 1280x768 even at 1600x768 at 16:10 it needs a scroll bar going into full screen mode has no change and also effects my monitors actual display settings... went back to windowed mode because having stuff in background at 800x600 or something felt off and weird
  13. I have no idea what any of that means X.x do I buy another cable and run it to my only hardrive ???