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  1. [IN-GAME ENTRY] SteamID: 76561198053407667 (STEAM_0:1:46570969) Plot name: Omega Flowey Name: 2Fort (under construction) Screenshot: May the best win!
  2. Streaming some Fallout 4. New game, Heavy Weapons Guy character build.


    Click the link to join on iiiin~


  3. help me gaben is making off with my muns

  4. I have drawn a dick  :3c








  5. I once carved a smily face into my arm. It's since healed over, but it was nice while it lasted.

  6. People wanted a suggestion box for the Elevator music, so here! I would like to start the topic off by suggesting Megalovania Elevator Jazz mix
  7. Beautiful Aston Martin at the shop today.


    Truly an awesome car!

  8. Coming this summer, to a fridge near you:



  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!


  10. exactly what I was thinking
  11. So one night Fenix's black hoodie glitched out and the colours of the hoodie became thick blue, white, and grey horizontal stripes. I think it was really cute and now want it in UCC as an actual sweater. I know there is already a striped shirt, but the shirt is tight to the body, and has really thin stripes. And the hoodie is a hoodie; no stripes, just one, solid colour, and has pockets and a hood attached to it. I want a sweater; poofy, no hood, no pockets, and has thick horizontal stripes. Because I thought it was really adorable!!
  12. I hate how much time there isn't in life. Like, five hours isn't that long if you thing about it. 5 is a small number, but then you brake that down into 1 hour five times. Then brake that down to 30 minutes twice. And 30 minutes is just 15 minutes twice, which is 5 minutes three times. 


    There is never anytime to do anything I want.


    Or maybe I'm lazy and paranoid....