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  1. Scratchie

    Check your advent calendar! -> !advent

    Same. *tear falls down cheek*
  2. Scratchie


    Elf, Home Alone, and Polar Express are in my top 3
  3. Scratchie

    Achievement Suggestions

    Reposting is bad: Queueing a video during the 10 minutes after it queues that it cant be queued. Skip-A-Long: Participate in a successful skip requiring at least 2 people. UCC Master: Use a custom model in UCC with at least 3 items Movie Night: Participate in a movie night event.
  4. Scratchie

    The Mystery of the Stable High Ping

    Actually, ping and latency are two different things when it comes to gaming as latency has to calculate other factors other than distance. Ping determines how long it takes a packet to get from the local host (your computer) to the remote host (the server) and get a response. This does not factor in various things such as the FPS (which does affect latency in gaming.) You could be in the same location and switch hosts and get a higher ping due to the amount of "hops" it takes on it's path to the remote host. Latency is a determination between ping, fps, jitter, loss, and certain other calculations. There's a good article (albeit from 1998) from a former Valve employee you can find here: Overall, you can have a high overall ping but have a lower latency due to how well your computer is. This is also why you can "cheat" the scoreboards to show 5 ping.
  5. Scratchie

    I get this error when i try to enter the server

    To me it looks like something that occurs when you join from another server.
  6. Scratchie

    Universal Character Creator

    Version 2 of my offline save creator is finished. Added: Can now add up to 6 items.Missing Customization ItemsSlight bug fixes.Version 3 will have an automatic updater. For now just download it and overwrite/delete the old file.
  7. Scratchie

    Universal Character Creator

    !!OBSOLETE!! Since it has been added to the server people have been loving it, even though all modifications are done via a text file. Until now! The UCC Pony Save Creator has been a few hours of work in Visual Basic 2013 and is ready for Version 2 release. Features: - Color Selector - Multiple levels of modification - Color Preview - Multiple Items - All different editable items You can download it here: Changelog: 6/6/2015 - Version 2.0 - Added up to 6 items (to enable item 6 you must have no back mane.) Added missing customization options. 6/5/15: Version 1.0 - Initial Release
  8. Scratchie

    Reservations For Windows 10

    ​There's nothing to crack. The download gets sent from the Microsoft servers like regular system updates. You would have to hack the servers and send the update out. And Win8 users do not get the free upgrade. They must update to Win8.1 to receive it. ​The way the "Get Windows 10 App" works is that you download the update that adds it to your system, then you reserve your copy of Windows 10. After that, and prior to July 29th, it will download the windows image (encrypted) so that you don't have to download 3+ GB once it is ready (similar to preloading games on steam.) But knowing microsoft there will either be poor encryption and someone will crack it, or it will be a problem and on July 29 people will be having problems with it causing Microsoft to release an update to the program to fix the decryption. Considering Windows 8.1 is basically a service pack for Windows 8 with a kernel update all a Windows 8 user needs to do is update to 8.1
  9. Scratchie

    Reservations For Windows 10

    Interesting. I knew they were going to offer a free upgrade path from 7/8/8.1 but wasn't sure how they were going to do it. Looks like a good idea, but I wonder how many people will crack the download and install prior to July 29th. I haven't had a chance to play with Windows 10 yet, though I do have a tech preview. I'll be upgrading for sure.
  10. Scratchie

    Player Model Suggestions

    ​I still think we should get Jack Skellington. And this:
  11. Scratchie

    Event Notifications

    Yes please. :DDDD
  12. Scratchie

    Hi there, I'm new.

    Welcome! Hope you have a fun time here!
  13. Scratchie

    You people are gonna hate me for this.

    o,o Y u do dis?
  14. Scratchie

    UCC Pony Player Model Source Pack

    What is Crowbar? And where can I find it? Wouldn't mind playing around and making a model or two.
  15. Scratchie


    Welcome! Glad to see new faces around these parts. Here's a basic rundown of "How to survive GCinema": 1. What happens in Katies channel stays in Katies channel. 2. Don't listen to anything Katie has to say. Unless its funny then laugh. 3. MADMAN is a noob even though he will try to convince you otherwise. 4. Have fun! 3. MADMAN is a noob. 2. Katie is a noob. 1. I am a noob. All in all: Welcome, have fun, and enjoy your stay.