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  1. Self explanatory. A daytime version can create a different and more welcoming atmosphere overall to the map and a small change like that could draw in some people. Some additional skylights in the private theater, main theater, and VIP/club lobbies could make the map more welcoming as well. Preferable time period should be early afternoon so the sun shines through the skylights and casts some nice shadows. The lights that already exist on the ceiling could be hung from some rafters. The aquarium would have to be moved, as well as the other brick protrusions on the roof.
  2. Hey guys. Not sure this will be developed considering its potential complexity but it's worth a shot to gauge its interest, because I think it would make GCinema more fun. My suggestion is a 5v5 competitive sub-gamemode in the VIP pool using the boats from Katie's mini vehicles. The objective is for either team to successfully capsize all boats of the other team, to win a round. 30 rounds maximum. The first team to 16 rounds wins, and will be given an amount of coins as a reward. The losing team earns nothing. For the following reasons, I think this would make for an interesting twist on what's normally a Cinema server: The boats can be tipped over by two players crashing into each other. When they're tipped over, the propeller is disabled and the player cannot move, due to a point on the boat that detects contact with water. This provides a per-player losing condition, and potentially a means to attribute kills to the attacking player. The stairs on both sides of the pool are perfect for the spawn points of both teams. However, as interesting as this might seem (it does to me anyway), there are several challenges I can think of off the top of my head: A scoreboard must be implemented, or a different mode of the default GCinema scoreboard, to show game stats including kills, deaths, and assists. To expand on that, there is the challenge of how to track kills and assists. Perhaps the last and second to last player that touched the opponent's boat before said opponent capsized, gets the kill and assist score respectively. This requires some form of collision detection between boats owned by two or three players. There is a challenge as to how non-VIPs would be able to play, considering it's a VIP-only area. Don't let non-VIPs play. Let non-VIPs play, but they must pay a coin fee to gain VIP for the duration of the game. Disable this check for any participating players for the duration of the game; no coin fee. There is also a challenge as to how those who haven't donated to Katie would be able to use the boats. Perhaps a one-time usage of the boat for the duration of the game only. There is a challenge as to how to handle respawning of the boats and their drivers after the conclusion of a round. A wall would have to be created around the perimeter of the pool for the duration of the game to prevent griefing of non-participants. I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Hopefully this isn't over-the-top :3
  3. Thought I was joking at first when I first thought of it but it actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. I propose a speedrun category for GCinema involving acquiring all achievements except most time-based, all RNG-based, most coin-based, and all meta-based (like the achievement for joining the forum) achievements. To complete the run, you must, as fast as possible, earn every of the following achievements:1. All achievements under the Apartments section.2. All achievements under the GCinema HQ section.3. All achievements under the coins section except Dank Banker, Feed the Poor, Hatty Impersonator, I don't need a loan, Kind Sir, Lucky Fella, Scrapping by, Slot Grinder, Super Lucky Fella, and Wrong Number.4. All achievements under the Items section.5. The Super Nerd achievement.6. All achievements under the Misc section except Sitcom and Slice of Life.7. This Is My Land! achievement.8. All achievements under the VIP section.9. Variety Queue Master achievement. This would probably require being able to reset your achievements but perhaps not. I am interested to see how many people (if any) will want to take on this challenge.
  4. Err. Okay... Was just a random idea anyway. I was thinking of something like chat delays or an auto-mute (and the ability to manually mute/ban users from using the chat), and its implications for administrative use. Like the occasional asshole if an admin isn't on. Although one or more admins are USUALLY on the server at all times, so it may be useless in that regard. Oh well, I guess if something else good comes to mind, I'll post it :3
  5. Idk. Would be a cool feature. It already auto-updates anyway. Could be useful for those who want to chat without joining. I know one community that has an IRC bot which reads the chat output of a build server, and you can go on IRC and anyone on said server would see your messages. Could also add a full player list too, which tells you who is in what theater. This would make it not only a logs page but some kind of useful (or useless, depends) out-of-server chat thing.
  6. I think Grooveshark should be added to GCinema. Since a lot of the videos I queue are music, I would find it useful. I'm sure others would too, instead of relying on poorly made lyrics videos with low quality sound (when a decent music video isn't available). What do you think? http://grooveshark.com/