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  1. Here's a few gems we could use: Nuggets:,375x360.png Bubble: Minecraft Potion: Fried egg: Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce:
  2. :0: Unable to post message to Recipient has origin [HTML] A [HTML] A [HTML] :1: Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL from frame with URL Domains, protocols and ports must match. This seems to be happening when videos are queued.
  3. After listening to the discover section of Soundcloud, I realized you can actually get quite a bit of free music from there if you look for it. Occasionally, I find a really good one, so I figured I'd make a place where we could not only share those goodies, but promote the artists who make the music. Without further ado, here's some I've found: Zak Waters- Runnin Around (Favulous Remix)- by Favulous and Zak Waters: JJD- Mario [Free Download]- by JJD: Enjoy and feel free to link what you find. Feel free to check out the musicians as well.
  4. Griffin base:
  5. Balls that can be instanced might be fun (like a soccer ball, kickball or a beach ball we can push, float, or bounce around) , although I understand it'd take a bit of work arranging for the various interactions. Edibles could be a fun little interaction thing that could keep people coming back to the shop (Imagine an ice cream sandwich, hot dog, or a soda you have a few right clicks to use. As you right-click, you see the item consumed.)
  6. Welcome back, and as they say in Princess Bride "Have fun stormin the castle!" I mean that as "enjoy yourself."
  7. Could we have illusion walls that can be walked through?
  8. It's worth noting, I ran into this before my connection went out.
  9. I finally managed to recreate it after looking for/waiting for it all day. It came back after I got in the lobby. Scrolling through the console, I'm not seeing any Playx errors or notifications, but I am getting some of these: [HTML] Uncaught ReferenceError: loadedUp is not defined [HTML] Uncaught ReferenceError: loadedUp is not defined and these: [HTML] :3: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'cssText' of undefined [HTML] :3: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'cssText' of undefined Not sure if it has to do with how much you use the elevator or how much time you spend on the server, but the music is back.
  10. Seems the moment I seek this problem out to see if it's Playx, it doesn't want to show. The error certainly shows up when I don't want it to. I'm starting to wonder about the conditions that actually trigger it. It usually starts when I exit the elevator or minutes after exiting the elevator. I didn't see PlayX errors this time, but I'll be looking out for them. Only errors indicated in console that showed up this time were some MDLCache errors saying something about props needing to be recompiled (although these are from outside the server), A couple of HTTP 8 downloading errors effecting fast download, Key values variable 1 (a texture). It looks like mostly model, download, and prop errors showing so far, but Nae tells me none of that should be effecting soundscape.
  11. Ack! Okay! The notification settings were not telling me you had replied... -switches auto-follow to on, apparently that's not the default- Sorry for not seeing the replies sooner. While I haven't had the banner or transport error anymore since, the music-follow has come back. The method of reproducing it is using the elevator once or even twice to go to a floor. Moments later, the elevator music begins to play and comes back moments after hitting stopsound. I can't use the more lasting stopsoundscape in console, as was recommended because of this: "Can't use cheat command stopsoundscape in multiplayer, unless the server has sv_cheats set to 1." . Can't say as I've been getting a lot of Playx errors lately. Hmm... -checks-