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  2. Starting college classes today 

  3. Battlefield 1 (Open Beta) is august 31st c:

  4. Windows 10 is still free to download but with a catch. :3

    If and only if you use Assistive Technologies and if you don't know what that is then you can't get it for free. :D Unless of course you use it.

  5. Ugh I thought having a break off would be fun but I thought wrong! 3:


    1. Cyanoxus

      It's only as fun as you make it! :P

    2. TheMacGuy

      Yeah but you know >~>

  6. July 29th is the last day to install  windows 10 for free, form that annoying notification! :3


    After that you'll need to cough up the dough.

  7. Good news for anyone who uses the dolphin emulator. Version 5 of the emulator has been released.


  8. Rip my short break. I'm starting classes tomorrow. D;

    1. Midnight Light

      Aww. Good luck with your classes though! :3

    2. TheMacGuy

      Thanks! :D I'll need it!

  9. I would like a donut. 

    With extra sprinkles. :3

    1. Aleksandr

      Can I have you with extra sprinkles? 

    2. TheMacGuy

      They don't call me sprinkle butt for nothing. :P

  10. Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

    You should do something nice. c:

  11. If there is one thing I learned today. It's don't fuck up. You'll get fucked.

    1. Aleksandr

      So, when am I coming over to deliver your fucking?

  12. So Much Variety!

  13. Welp.. It's time to go to bed now.

  14. Someone told me there would be cookies here but apparently the server deletes them every now and then. :c