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    Nothing makes me happier than just listening to music and chillin' with friends. c:

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  1. Silver Light

    Map Suggestions

    I say if someone with map making experience made the old cinema map to put on the server that'd be pretty neat.
  2. Silver Light

    Movie - Knowing

    Theater 1 - Starts@ 6PM CT, 7PM ET, 4PM PT
  3. Happy Birthday Silver!!!! <3

  4. Silver Light

    'allo, how's it goin'?

    Welcome back! Hope you have fun meeting the "new community" as you put it. ^-^
  5. So I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else with the VR Apartments but the past few times I loaded up my apartment numerous props were missing even though they show up in the editor. I also can't place down any props while editing but i can still delete and rotate ones that are already there. At first I though there might have been a prop limit added and I just didn't know but I deleted a few props to check if this was the case but I still couldn't place down any. Reloading the save doesn't change anything either. :x Nevermind, it was just a prop limit and I just didn't know about it. I deleted the props that weren't showing up and a few more and was able to place down props again. However I'd like to point out that the prop limit is shared between plots because I made a test room before and still wasn't able to place down props although I'm not sure if this was intentional so if it was nevermind again. x3
  6. Silver Light

    Personality Test

    I got INFJ, and it seems to fit me surprisingly well :3
  7. Silver Light

    Hey-ya, hi-ya

    Hello and welcome to the community!
  8. Silver Light

    Weekly Movies

    This is a wonderful idea Can't wait for the next movie :3
  9. You are the coolest person ever! :D

    1. Silver Light

      But you're the coolest hussy ever~ ;3

    2. Xeratous

      Oh my~ <3 *kiss kiss*

  10. Silver Light

    Greetings Earthlings

    Hello! Hope to see you around on the server ^-^
  11. Silver Light

    Favorite gaming genre

    I'd have to say FPS is my favorite, but it's followed closely by flight sims like Ace Combat.
  12. Silver Light

    Master Protagonist

    Hello, I'm sure you'll get along with everyone just fine! ^-^
  13. Got a new headset and it sounds great! :D (hopefully the mic is better too x3)

    1. TheMacGuy

      *Obnoxiously loud static* I'm going to boop the snoot

  14. Silver Light

    Wallpaper Dump :3

    Just a place to show off all your cool wallpapers and maybe find some you like. x3 To start it off here's just a few of mine: