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  1. I say if someone with map making experience made the old cinema map to put on the server that'd be pretty neat.
  2. Silver Light

    Movie - Knowing

    Theater 1 - Starts@ 6PM CT, 7PM ET, 4PM PT
  3. Welcome back! Hope you have fun meeting the "new community" as you put it. ^-^
  4. So I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else with the VR Apartments but the past few times I loaded up my apartment numerous props were missing even though they show up in the editor. I also can't place down any props while editing but i can still delete and rotate ones that are already there. At first I though there might have been a prop limit added and I just didn't know but I deleted a few props to check if this was the case but I still couldn't place down any. Reloading the save doesn't change anything either. :x Nevermind, it was just a prop limit and I just didn't know about it. I deleted the props that weren't showing up and a few more and was able to place down props again. However I'd like to point out that the prop limit is shared between plots because I made a test room before and still wasn't able to place down props although I'm not sure if this was intentional so if it was nevermind again. x3
  5. I got INFJ, and it seems to fit me surprisingly well :3
  6. Hello and welcome to the community!
  7. This is a wonderful idea Can't wait for the next movie :3
  8. You are the coolest person ever! :D

    1. Silver Light

      But you're the coolest hussy ever~ ;3

    2. Xeratous

      Oh my~ <3 *kiss kiss*

  9. Hello! Hope to see you around on the server ^-^
  10. I'd have to say FPS is my favorite, but it's followed closely by flight sims like Ace Combat.
  11. Hello, I'm sure you'll get along with everyone just fine! ^-^
  12. Got a new headset and it sounds great! :D (hopefully the mic is better too x3)

    1. TheMacGuy

      *Obnoxiously loud static* I'm going to boop the snoot

  13. Just a place to show off all your cool wallpapers and maybe find some you like. x3 To start it off here's just a few of mine: