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  1. My favorite's are mostly polar express and charlie brown christmas. they are my favorite's since i was young.
  2. Thanks Guys! i am glad i could help out for myself i know i was there for a long time! but anyways thank you! <:3
  3. Hi! i am woona and i am here to hang out watching videos and i love to hang out with someone that i never feel so happy! :3
  4. I was just wondering that. how it will look like in the future i was hopeing to see? i really want to know what the new look of gcinema will be and what new and removed features could be like i really want to see what happens soon!
  5. Sorry i can't even find the right clues again. i only got to think about something in my brain something in my mind maybe ask for something cool or not?
  6. So i was just wondering. after the update. what new features are they going to have? what are they and i might wanna surprize myself!
  7. Yeah well im gonna have to live with it without donor or use Ucc but someday i can get one of my friends to donate me as he said maybe if theres a way i could bring you to doante you so no credit cards but okay. ;( Edit: NOW THEY ARE FIXED! WHEW! THANKS! :W :3
  8. Okay But I Wish I WAS A DOANTOR TOO! <:'( BUT I CANT! my mom told me i have to ask her creditcard vertify if its safe or not. but either way thank you for the awnsers! :-3
  9. So How Do I Look? i look Terrible! in these couple of days i still have the problem and i accidently sent to support even though i thought its dead. but says #12 but i dont know what happend to my textures and i cannot show a picture to you because it says i can only have less memory kbs of picture quilaty. but is there anyway to fix the black textures on ponies. or not? Help!? :C