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  1. We had a much better system with the favorites. In which you could just click on the vid on your favs and it would automatically queue the vid. You'd only need to have all your wanted vids in your favorites so you could queue them. Sadly, it's not working anymore. Waiting until it gets fixed.
  2. Happy birthday Foxxy!

    1. TheMacGuy

      Thanks Middy <3 

  3. Wait, I think that's already there. I read it in the guide. CTRL + Z to undo an action.
  4. I figured as much. But I actually meant having a feature on the server that wouldn't have us delve into our folders to exchange our saves sort of thing.
  5. Actually, I thought of the same thing, but instead of having a co-op build mode, how about being possible to import saves and exchange them in between us? That'd be neat.
  6. Welcome to GCinema's Community! Hope you enjoy your stay, and hope to see you around in the server! Have fun~!
  7. Yes! And why not wearable headphones too! I like that idea!
  8. Could we add the ear pads to the list of things to get? Like ear pads, but actually wearing them on the ears. That'd be neat.
  9. I'ma see if I get some cash so I can buy it and play with all the cool kids.
  10. Aaaa fix the favorites menu alreadyyy!

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    2. Coment

      No need to, I know how it's going

    3. Midnight Light

      Hope it comes back soon. c:

    4. Noz

      You can always add a video manually. :3


      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data\gcinema_favlists

  11. Sharks are damn sexy. Unf.

    1. Dusty Fluff

      Speaking right to my soul :3

    2. Mason

      Until they bite your head off

  12. Unfs. Many Unfs.

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    2. Midnight Light

      Unf.~ Kinda like a hot bothered acronym. Say, you're looking at a hot chick and you go like, "Unf! She's hot!" 


      It may also be used for when enrolled with another, doing it. Like a pleased huff.

    3. TheMacGuy

      Okay maybe a get a kick out of asking people questions like this. xD

  13. Well I got myself Dead Space. Woohooo! Thankies. ~