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  1. can someone please explain to me how i could become a moderator on the cinema server, thanks

  2. When the new Star Wars has another death star


    1. MADMAN32395

      something something.... dark side.

    2. Sputnik

      pew pew beam me down skywalker etc 

  3. finally pre-ordering Black Ops 3, 1 Tb Ps4 Bundle


    1. TheMacGuy

      I should seriously consider getting a console as well.

    2. MADMAN32395

      meh PCMR, i havnt touched my ps4 in months.

  4. So I was at work and I see on a thumbtack board a missing dog poster that has a picture of a potato


  5. returns 320gb ps3 and two controllers to gamestop, gets $60 trade credit


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Naelily

      I dunno what kind of strategy that is of theirs but it seems majorly backwards ;~;

    3. Fezinaru

      Going to Gamestop is the problem here.  They always buy at an extremely low price and try to sell used stuff as close to full price as possible.  Would've gotten more by listing it on Ebay or something.

    4. Flutternutter

      yeah I know fully regret my decision, but I have some cool stuff im going to put on eBay to get some money for a ps4

  6. plastic, its actually pretty light and feels great
  7. how about popcorn that is your profile pic on the forums? that would be cool
  8. no sorry, that would be cool tho
  9. $HALF LIFE 2 Gravity Gun$ I have had this HL2 gravity gun replica for about a year now and I thought that maybe someone on the forums would be interested in buying it before I put it up on eBay or craigslist or something. I bought it in Boston Massachusetts for $125 (yes, I know that's a ridiculous, but I was so excited to see it). I am selling it for $100, but I may go lower to about $85. It is still in great condition and still works. I do not have the original box it came in, but it looked like this one: Also, here is some pictures I found on the internet of it (and yes, it lights up and makes sounds): If anyone is interested or if you have any questions, please message me. :3
  10. listen when you when you have some time and feel the gorgeous voice of Frank Sinatra
  11. I would just make the cover to put on stuff, or even better put it on all my friends games to troll him
  12. My sister asked what I wanted for my birthday present and I told her that Deadpool game would be cool. But what is this? My Little Pony game for PS3? And it is rated 18? IT HAS MULTIPLAYER! It looks legit here too In the inside was actually Deadpool, just what I wanted for my birthday! She made a cover and managed to slide it to its place without ripping the security tape and made it look like legit. When I opened the package my face was priceless, or that is what she claims. On the side note I actually love this new cover and will keep it the way it was meant to be!