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  1. Adding skylights would have to be done via meshes since we're pretty darn close to the brush limit iirc, I remember that some stuff had to be simplified already because of the darn brush limit, changing the light wouldn't be that hard, just extremely time consuming due to source having to compile the light every time you want to check it. Sadly the editor light preview is utter garbage for that. Additionally the skybox would have to be changed entirely, there would be a lot of overlapping skybox geo if I just added new skylights. All in all, possible, but a lot of work. Something I sadly don't have enough time for at the moment.
  2. My Birthday is on the 20 Dec so I'll include it in the list. -Xiamo Yi Action Camera (Cheaper GoPro Hero with a higher quality) -Accessoire stuff for said Camera -8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram (never got around getting another one so I was stuck at 8 GB for a while) -A Giant Toblerone Chocolate (<3 I'm getting fat) -Green Yarn Yoshi Amiibo -Amazon Gift Card and a bit of money
  3. someone running on a tripple monitor setup like me? no? nobody? Just me then.... (made by yours truly because trying to find tripple monitor wallpapers is a nightmare)
  4. considering a german tv channel always plays this on christmas for YEARS..... Armageddon... that's a christmas movie right?
  5. I'm currently working on remodelling the central reception (adding a table to the middle with soda dispensers and popcorn stuff... I might as well change the giant GCinema logo as well, that could solve the problem without using decals. (super sneaky preview on what I've done so far)
  6. I looked at the other thread where people attempted to map out the vent system, those weren't really accurate and stuff was missing so I decided to create a 3d model of the vents. Now there is no excuse anymore for people to get stuck in these tunnels. >> << See you in the secret theaters xP (which I all removed from the model just because I'm a dick)
  7. I could just upload the 3d vent layout to that 3d model preview site... what was its name, sketchfab? should be the easiest solution to visualize the actual vent layout. Edit: uhhmmm... alright this might take a while... I didn't consider the fact that the public theaters are ... a clusterfuck because freak did some stupid stuff there... Edit2: done I don't think we support iframes or sketchfab via BBcode right?
  8. What should the signs say then, because to be honest I think a simple decal above a single door would already fix the issue since you can use that as a fix point.... e.g. if I slap it on top of the public cinema door you know that on the right is the club/vip and to the left are the rentables.
  9. RuneStorm


    My PC could run ark, but I'll wait until it's out of early access. I have a strict "no early access" policy on games
  10. I might as well join the party and throw out a few spare keys I have. However I'll do things a bit differently, just PM me the game you want and I'll PM you the key back. Keep in mind that these are just a small fraction of my spare keys, however I may or may not reserve one or two games for friends but don't let that stop you. (Also I am thinking about redeeming planetary annihilation, but I hate uber entertainment for their scamming)
  11. why can't garry revert back to gmod 9 and remove all the fixes he had made :/ sorry for the sass but I prefer to fix exploits when I know of them.... or convert them into a normal feature... like the roofs now getting proper textures instead of nodraw, because I can't stop people from going up there.
  12. yeah, it's basicly just a pointer to your texture that you set as your spray (the vtf located in vgui/logos/ui/spray) ... I used that one yesterday and I fooled everyone.... ahhh good times
  13. yes... that is the soul eater moon.... scary as hell imo ;_;
  14. MLP and 18+ ... welp it's either gory as fuck or just a siterip of derpibooru @_@