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  1. The club door is now permanently open. I just updated the map today.
  2. The box would be possible. The map comes with a MGS Box model ready. I like the mystery box. It should be really expensive. but COULD contain good stuff or bad stuff. like: Buy price 5000 Coins Contents: Nothing! (YOU LOSE) 2500 coins (you get the half back) 5000 coins (No win but no loose) 10000 coins (Hey you made 5000 Coins) A Random Popcorn you don't have A Random Player Model you don't have. ( REALLY REALLY RARE ) Box car (Rare) VIP Time an various timings and more. idk
  3. "Yes, I'm the real Freak" Be in the same room as me when i'm on the server.
  4. The Vents are supposed to be a maze. Learn the ways and brag about it, that you know the vents better than anyone else.
  5. Note from Freak: WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Please consider finding the secrets by yourself! That's why i made them... To be Secrets... ~Freak On A Leash
  6. You think I didn't thought of that?
  7. Yes and no. WOULD be cool. but it doesn't work.
  8. It would take up more room as in space. Yes. But it wouldn't need that much detail and displacements. So it probably would take less Mb and less custom content.
  9. I have quite nice ideas for an Underwater Theater... Either one in open Sea underwater... OR Like in a Zoo/Aquarium (With coal reef pictures as walls)