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  1. is available now! You can watch other people stream or stream content yourself!   Right now, it's restricted to donators for now.   Also, there is an issue with the volume slider, just wait 5 seconds after the stream (not the advert) starts before you change it, or it might mute itself.
  2. NOTE: This is no longer useful! Don't do this!   Xerasin compiled a set of new updated Awesomium binaries (which should be Garry's job, but he is slow) you can use. They will provide increased performance, which should fix most problems using the HTML5 player, less lagg, stuttering, etc.   You can download them here:   How to install:   Download the zip, select its contents and hit copy or ctrl-c:   Paste (ctrl-v or right-click + paste) into the garrysmod/bin folder, if it asks to overwrite, hit yes:
  3. Let's not use   Name is taken and well known
  4. The artist says this is speedcore   Cant believe nobody has posted this yet, crapcore
  5. I've been looking at Vimeo, they have improved their player, so expect it soon
  6. GOG (Good Old Games) is run by CD project, the guys behind the Witcher. It's like a European steam who started up by selling old games.
  7. ArcticFqx


    There was this advert about chocolate milk in Norway that pointed out that you could place the packs like this:     This made a lot of store owners OCD about how they were positioned, so you saw some ridiculously long cows after some days
  8. No, has to be clientside, no point in storing what order you want stuff in on the server. Everything has to be validated on the server anyway, so if any inconsistency is detected, it could just use the default order.
  9. Implementing this isn't hard, what you should ask is if this really is a good idea. With all the money thats floating around, it seems, from my point of view, that the economy is slightly broken and people easily get a hold of enough money for this if they want something.   EDIT: ok, I'm tired and didn't read it properly. I can see why you want to return something, but the other argument still stands. I'll think about it.
  10. I got the soundtrack on cd during the humble bundle promotion.
  11. The range is 100, just enough to reach coins behind that one statue that was mentioned, and your aim has to be exact. It is still easier to just walk over the coin if it's on the ground.