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  1. Aaaaaaaand *walks out*

    1. Mason

      Aaaaaaaand *walks in*

    2. Sputnik

      *sits still and keeps eating takis chips*

  2. While using the train form the XMV vehicle pack it acts like I'm jumping. The screen continously bounces up and down and makes the jumping noise.
  3. As the room owner of a rented room if you turn queues off the room owner cannot queue either. Same goes for skips.
  4. It got locked because it's already been decided it's not getting added. WHich is why you were asked to stop asking aobut it.
  5. I think for some unknown random reason I fixed my issue with this by reinstalling Steam. Not the entirety of it. Just the client. Won't uninstall your games or anything.
  6. Because Kissanime loves to have problems of various sorts, here's a clone of it that I believe is run by different people.
  7. Go into firstperson while using a vehicle to fix it for now.
  8. There is not currently an alternative. Sorry.
  9. Is Kisscartoon not working? Kissanime doesn't work currently, but Kisscartoon is not affected by the problem posted above.
  10. Seeing how you've been here a while I hope you continue to have a wonderful experience in the community.
  11. ☆Star☆

    Avatar sync

    Yes. The box is unchecked. Never checked it in my life. Meeeeeeeh. Just setting my avatar to the default one.