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  1. Hey guys, livestream of some calgary brony beats tonight. Probably in about 2-3 hours

  2. Hauling 5,500 pounds (around 3 tons) of stone with a 3/4 truck. Seems legit

  3. Ummm I... ok. Agre is off by a year, but people say I look older, so fair enough. Mental age, it either that or 12 sometimes. The rest I don't even know what to say

  4. The studio has returned with this sexy mew 4K monitor. Running on a titan X SC, 144fps on normal load

  5. Ok I know my truck is possessed but why did it have to be Satan

  6. I think blackjack really like twi twi

  7. Half and half of Green apple sour puss and ginger ale. 2 down already and feeling amazing. Thank you Royce Hawes

  8. how to confuse the hell out of people

  9. Well this kitten officially has a name "Black Jack" and yes for those who know the refrence. That is why. Because this kitten is a dick and a badass.

    1. Xeratous

      I approve :D Black Jack is a great name!

  10. This is what happens when you badger and demand new material from artists and creators. Very rarly do you get to see them be fully human in public or online, this is one of those times that people need to learn about opriciation for a persons sweat and tears of a project.

  11. Feeling alot better now. Happy to be back

  12. Hi everyone, so ... I don't know what exactly to do, I feel... Nothing, is the best way to put it. I, don't know what I need. I don't know even why I'm wrighting this in the first place but, I am. Maybe because I can't talk to myself anymore because my mind can't create a even substandard answer for my questions. But, I don't know, I kind of feel, im... losing colour in the emotional world. Now it kind of feels that either I'm being hit with everything or neither, they both are gray. I, can't feel morals really any more, now when I look at things, terrible horrific and disgusting things, I don't feel anything, the irony of it, the fear, nor even the twinge of happyness. Instead, it feels like... senseless stupidity. Emotion now just feels like a blinding factor that, if anything, keeps humans from becoming as strong as they can. I can neither cry, nor laugh, feel loss or hope. Maybe this is what real peace is, to no longer feel a push towards anything, to simply... exist, for a few moments. I look at the world in it's infinite complexity and contridictive nature, a thing that should never be able to exist. Yet it does, because of one thing, emotion. Oddly, I feel I can understand. But, why bother to make the effort? Why? Because I will feel, happy? The world is a terrifying dark place that is home to much darkness and fear, and so am I. But like one another we also give off a small light when you get a little closer to us you can see. But what happens when that light goes out? Who needs it when there are millions of suns out there casting light threw out space. Who really needs the earth's mesely little bit of light? Besides, what good would it do anyway? Make one more pinprick of light in someone else's sky that will not likely see until you burn out and no longer exist? You know there is a great saying "I know I will be forgotten for what I did do, I just don't want to be remembered for what I didnt" in reality, most people who acomlished "the American dream" or the northern way or whatever you want to call it, there are several hundred million in North America. Try to name 300 who successfully achieved it. You can't, but you can easily know all those you met who failed or struggled. Why bother to make the norm when all it will do is add another translucent layer to you until you eventually are blended into the paper? What do you do then?