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  1. My name is Travis therefore my username is also Travis.
  2. I can second this.
  3. Travis


    Same old same old.
  4. Happy birthday, old fart! :P

  5. Disregarding post format, breaking all the laws. Requesting animated signature with multiple pictures of sandwiches and just "Travis". Try adding in the quote "Lets cook this shit together" Somewhere. Have fun.
  6. Car freshener trees are best trees.
  7. A topic similar to this has been brought up before, Id recommend reading this thread to answer some questions you might have or to expand your idea.
  8. You must ask the almighty.
  9. Lets make a DLC pack thats more expensive then Garrys Mod itself to raise funds! I honestly like the way the lotto is now, I agree that its good to have more features but I think the lotto would kind of lose its excitement. I think it would really increase the possibility of having a winner, and the pot wouldnt always grow a significant amount (also taking away from the excitement). If the drastic decrease in price of player models and double vote skip isnt enough to persuade someone, perhaps they are happy in their current situation. I wouldnt mind if this was made possible however and It would definitely be interesting to test out.
  10. I had those speeds up until yesterday, my upload was like 0.2 though, Its a rough time. On top of that I had a 25GB limit that I had to stay within per month. Luckily their competitor was in town and I called in and notified them and told them that they were internet Nazis. They came the next day with a new modem and gave me 500GB for a limit per month. I get these speeds now. I've suffered your speeds for way to long. They were raping me with the internet bill considering its like 2.50 for every extra GB you go over and the speeds were complete shit. I get what I have now for the same price. Hopefully they'll get some competition sometime and your speeds wont be so brutal. Its almost as if me and you switched connections.
  11. Travis


    Works like a charm.
  12. Damn, sorry for your loss, I know how it feels. Good that you have a job though!