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  1. Happy Birthday dodjer!

  2. Is in love with piano music. Back in college too. First day is today. Excited to learn more about computers. Working hard and trying my best. its all I can do.

    1. TheMacGuy

      Awesome to hear; Hope it goes well for you! 

  3. I'm just wondering on whats going on with everyone. Also. hows Gcinema going? Anything going on?
  4. For anyone that doesn't know, creepypasta is stories that are read to you on youtube. Just search up "Creepypasta," on youtube that'll explain everything. So anyways, I thought we can do a little Christmas scary story. If you guys have any other ideas for an scary Christmas event. I'll happily read them. I just love reading books and imagining. That's why I listen to music a lot.
  5. I would like see everyone's tastes in music. The reason you may ask? So, I can listen to them. It can be anything so don't hold back. Love you guys and thanks for reading. By: Master Protagonist or soon MP The Skeleton (Thinking of changing name to a character that I'm thinking of for myself.
  6. I went to a well-known public farm called Blake's Apple Orchard and That's where I tried the Apple Cider. I really love the drink. I wonder what they use to make the tasty drink. Anyone else like it?
  7. Playing FFXIV and doing computer networking which is a lot of work, but I'll make it and I'll do fine

  8. I took a really long break because of life and the challenges that i am currently am facing. As of right now though, everything still seems difficult and depressing, but I'm hanging in there. I enjoyed coming on this server too to watch videos like I used to, still knowing the rules of the server. I'm doing my best on improving my life and trying really hard on getting my social skills better, irl and on the web. Thanks for reading and your time. I deeply appreciate it. I currently play FFXIV and go on the Gcinema server.
  9. mssg me on this website or send a friend request through steam. and lets play ffxiv! im still a beginner though. thinking of switching worlds or server. OH my character name is Master Protagonist, lol
  10. so is anyone excited for yandere simulator? You can check out the game progress on youtube. I tried it and I like it.
  11. Sounds interesting, really. Server development I'll like to learn.
  12. Perfect. Thanks for the information. I'll look at that channel.
  13. I'm just wondering about everyone's' favorite vocaloids? or software that I never heard of for vocaloids.