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  1. I haven’t been online lately and I’ve seen that, anything I’ve missed?

  2. >tfw you don't own a Nintendo switch but you want one to play some Mario kart

  3. Ey Happy Birthday!

  4. I don't know if it's me or the people, but I just see my pic almost all around the website xD, I feel embarrassed now. lol

  5. Hi! Welcome to the GCinema Network! Follow the rules and be safe when looking around ;)

  6. Now that I changed my cover photo to basically match my title irl and in the game, no one can see my content count because its blocked by a green button xD

  7. You are able to request soundcloud songs, though.
  8. The first "Guardians of the Galaxy" would probably be seen by most people, watching it with their friends and on this big screen would make the server very occupied!
  9. Holy crap its raining hard af that I can hear it through headphones and my roof, and I know why...

    bandicam 2017-07-10 17-47-29-068.jpg

  10. I wonder if you can get website banned for "Interacting" too much..


  11. Alright, so the "Who's Online" section at the bottom of the page is suppose to show who is online on the website, correct? I'm here (not shitposting) replying, asking questions, or reacting to people's discussion, but when I navigate BACK to the home screen and scroll down, nothing. When I click "See Full List" 2 guests and me come up, and I'm like "What? Isn't registered people suppose to be shown in the section at the bottom of the home screen?" because when I looked it said "Who's Online 0 Member, 0 Anonymous, 0 Guests (See full list) " I was confused. I didn't know if it was a problem with me or the server or just the internet in general? Is there a problem? or is it just me?