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  1. Everything I was is everything I'm not and everything I am is everything you hate.

  2. Wiz Khalifa is mai boo <3

  3. http://derpy.me/qgr6y updated to match Hotpost's desideratum
  4. Dafuq do you do when you're bored and have nothing to do!?
  5. Happy Nightmare Night!

  6. “You’re a toy makers creation, trapped inside a crystal ball†- Orphan Pinkie. I love this line.

    1. Sir Vown

      what is this from again sounds really familiar from a song

  7. In the legendary Monty Python movies most of the actors play the roles of many characters, therefore your statement is now invalid.
  8. Oooh I'm going to try to list most of my usernames and their reasons for existence! dj1200mkii: My dad is a DJ and uses Technics SL-1200mkii's xRain_ScOpEz: Joined a MW2 quick scoping clan and kicked ass OG_CLAN: I wanted a name that looked good for Minecraft pixel art RainponyDasher: Rainbow Dash is best poni AboutTwentyPercent: Rainbow Dash is still best poni FreshSheepForSale: I sell sheep on Minecraft BackwardsBrony: I posted MLP songs in reverse on YouTube (This Day Aria was my most popular one) StephanieBro: I'm a girl... Mentally and if I were physically I would like to be called Stephanie (Not true anymore) MikeBro: I'm a guy physically and Mike is my name irl Kay9Spitz: I wanted a Spitz(breed of dog) TheNiceMinotaur: I had a phase where I really liked Minotaur's Turturkeykey: That's what you call a turkey cooked inside a turkey, I found it amusing .steph {occupation: design;}: I was in love with On-A-Freak at this time so I copied his name style and added my own twist to it Trixie's Magic: Trixie was best pony for a week but then Rainbow came back to her first place spot <3 BraeburnxBigMac: Sexy ass shipping AreYouTwood23: My account on PS3 got hacked by some guy and so did my friends so I made a new account and tried finding him again... It didn't work Edit: Another name! Chocolate Love: Pony OC sex RP was fun <3 Another Edit: Another another name! PleaseCallMeMilky: I wanted people to call me Milky because milk Another Another Edit: Another another another name: Flipping Tables: Who doesn't like to flip tables? Another Another Another Edit: Another another another another name: e621dotnet: Great website, eh? Welp. That's all I can remember! I still have TONS more but my memory isn't that good. I used to have a problem sticking to a username...
  9. Hey guys, how's everyone been doing?

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    2. Sir Vown

      math is da best! :3

    3. VSVoidSpartan

      Gotta love dat Math. <3 Good luck to ya~

    4. Zepilot

      Wow I'm actually loving school this year... It's fun xD

  10. Losing the friends that matter the most to you fucking sucks...

  11. Remember me for all the things I did! Like ____ and ____ oh and you can't forget how much work I put into ____!