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  1. Lobby Music

    Unless you make it VIP only i could see the button getting abused.
  2. Lobby Music

    ratser you win todays internet.
  3. Lobby Music

    I have found what we should play!
  4. Heyoo!

    By the glory that is my sanctified and diefied ass. Welcome to Gcinema.
  5. Soda

    make meh butter buns!
  6. Soda

    actually... i've been thinking about getting off my lazy bum of a arse and get some modeling done. I might just look into how to do modeling for Gmod13. If this turns out promising i might take on requests for new models like popcorn, soda, mugs. Maybe for shits and giggles i'll even make a wine glass and a martini glass you can only purchase in the VIP lounges bar.
  7. Porn Sprays should they be allowed?

    personally i see no reason to prevent them. the only sprays that should be blocked should be the ones that goe beyond porn and are meant for shock and such. IE gore etc etc. Otherwise if you don't like the spray just cover it up.
  8. Trails?

    If i wasn't busy myself at Critfest during a drunk admin night or something....i wouldn't have missed this. even if the map looks freaky to me right now.
  9. [New] AppleJack

    as a admin you still have to show professionialism at all times. Even if they are being annoying. just acknowledge it. ban reasons at all times must be valid. I don't see the reason "Stfu" as a valid reason.
  10. A moment of silence for the passing of Ray Harryhausen. A cinematic genius and inspiration to many in the cinematography field.

    1. Nanakisan

      To those not in the know. Ray was the one who initially made Stop-Motion filming a major fad. you could easily thank him for what Gmod videos are. As they are Stop Motion movies themselves.

    2. Ratser

      Jason and the Argonauts man!

  11. Feel an urge to apologize to Falcore. I noticed that when i disconnected las night. I was suffering bad internet. Sorry for force skipping that video man.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ratser

      You wanna get demo-nated again Nanakisan? :)

    3. Nanakisan

      Ratser you can try. You can really try your hardest. I'll just laugh as i airblast those pipes away.

    4. Ratser

      Challenge accepted. See you in the battleground.

  12. PONIES!!! MUST HAVE!!!

    Its a proposition to exchange the current ones with these ones.
  13. theater_gcinema final

    Actually maybe with the cars thing. Perhaps as a final room. Make a Drive in theater! Players can sit in cars and watch the movie.
  14. deathrun

    Would require our map dev to make a new map. Top it off working on our still WIP map for the main server? Errrmmmm yeah no doubt that is happening soon. *predicts 9001 years before it happens* also not to mention. Good luck coding a theater screen to show around every corner without lagging your client to death or crashing it.
  15. Room restrict

    you could always password lock the door using a pass phrase only bronys would know.