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    Um me well I like Dance Music and lots of other music, I like to watch anime (^.^) and also a bit of a MLP fan. I like furies as wel espicaly my big Teddie *squeezes and hugs Ted to bits* Love Japanese sushi mmmmm *licks lips*

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  1. Hi. I love this server!


    1. MADMAN32395

      Thanks :D . Invite your friends!

  2. Happy Birthday dodjer!

  3. Happy Birthday~ :3

    1. dodjer

      YAY Aleksis Thanks :)

  4. dodjer

    Weekly Movies

    Yay love this idea
  5. Yay nice work now witch way up do i hold the map O.o
  6. dodjer


    Will give it a go again tomorrow remind me when i get home *hugs*
  7. Aww ES we allways love you and allways wll Gcinema will be here if your up or down. we can stream your twitch and summergames done quick starts tiomorow i think so yah i will be up for that he
  8. Oh god please please i need this to get rid of crappy windows 8 OS i hate it so mutch please for the all man kind give me back my start menu . Thanks fo letting us know Scrachie (^.^)
  9. humm shouts *Mr MMP* lol (^.^)
  10. synergy is the best (^.^) make a supper computer like mine