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  1. Back After Months Of Being MIA

  2. Sorry I Have Been Away From GCinema, Been Busy Helping Another Server Owner Code His Line Of Servers Name Small Horse, So If I'm Away Like This Again Thats Why. Learning, And Coding At The Same Time Does Take A Lot Of Time :3

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      you got dust on your shift key

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      hEY iTS mE yOUR bROTHER

  3. I have to say as being able to test lua on poogs servers before, the shrinking potion would not be a problem. Same with the growth potion as being a tad bit bigger than normal sized really doesn't obstruct others views as long as said potion had a time limit usage on it. Now the drunk potion, speed potion, jump potion, and fly potion I can see people abusing those to troll others. My reason I say this is; the drunk or strange potion would annoy others trying to watch videos because of the puking noise made when this is active, saying if you think of it like gmod towers potion. Now the only way I see this not being used as a troll is if the potion altered just the way you talk or walk and not made any sounds. The speed potion defiantly could be used as a troll, I could see others speeding up to somepony and obstructing their view forcing them to move. Same with the jump potion it would be a major distraction to others trying to enjoy the video on screen. Now the fly potion, really would be hard to code unless it is used like noclip, which is really only used by administration and above. This is just my thought on this idea, Nothing more and nothing less. I wouldnt mind more things being added to the shop. I have an idea for a potion a teleportation potion. A one time usage potion that teleports you to a single person or theater. This potion could be the most expensive item on the shop. Let me know what you think
  4. I am finally done moving yet there are still boxes to unpack. My room is done now just the rest of the apartment then it will feel a little more like home
  5. Hello GCinema, after today 5/31/2014, I will be most likely be absent for quite sometime. This is due to me moving and us having to shut down our internet sometime this week (this could happen today, or tommorro, or sometime within the week. This is still a mystery to me) until we get settled into our new humble abode. I will try my best to be on after today but I can't make any promises, because we are very busy packing up our house and getting ready for the big move. When is this move you ask, well we plan to get a moving truck the 9th of june and plan to be packed and moved by the 10th. As for getting internet back that is a mystery I don't even know yet. It could be up to a few days after the move till possibly a month prior to it, which I really hope not. I do wish to stay in the administration team, so please don't nerf me. Anyway, I will get on prior to me writing this news report on me Tavi, but I will probably be afk cleaning, and or packing boxes up so if you are a patron, and or need help I will try my best to answer some questions if needed. Anywho see you guys then :3 ~Tavi

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      now it is everything who are these people I dont know :S

  7. AJ See's ALL >:D

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      who is this all you speak of is he/she nice?

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  8. Sorry to make this news sound like bad news, but I can't get on gcinema much anymore. This is due to the place where I'am staying has blocked ports on everything so all I can access is the internet. No fear as I still will be on the forums, watching the logs as well, so if any of you "scrubs" mess up I will know (just kidding guys, I remember when I was a scrub). If you are wandering how my dad is doing, he is doing rather well than expected, but this does not mean he will live 10 more years. We simply don't know what will happen or how long, he will live. This brings me to the point I will be at this place for a LONG LONG time. IF I'am able to get on I will get on, may not be for long but hey at least I was able to get on. I also will be available via skype, my username is xxanimebitsxx. IF you contact me on skype please remember to tell me who you are and where I know you from or else I automatically delete requests. I miss you all and I wish I had real internet that worked so I could come on and be with you guys. Anywho, thanks so much for all the support you guys have given. ~~~~AppleJack
  9. Status Update: My dad is in a hospice home his lungs are shot, he has possible bone cancer, and he is lying on his death bed. We have no idea when he will pass, could be 10 minutes could be 10 years. I will let the big man upstairs make that decision. He has made his peace with everyone and he is ready to go. I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me. REALLY guys thanks. Not only you guys but I'm gonna try to contact lauren faust, and tell her thanks for making My Little Pony, it helps when I feel depressed. Don't know how I'm gonna go about doing this but I will find a way. You guys really REALLY "true true friends". I love you guys......NO HOMO XP
  10. I aint dead just goin through hard times right now

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      Take your time, we all understand and wish you the best.

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      We miss you dude

  11. Almost Makes Me Cry Everytime I Hear This Play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4tyvJJzSDk
  12. All I got to say to you guys is the moment I get back online I'm personally gonna hug each and every one of you guys. You guys are like my second family. Thanks bunches
  13. Tavi


    I know i was just stating that its not up to just any coder. Xerasin has to approve this, but chances are this won't happen anytime soon