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  1. Aleksis


    You can add me if you wanna play some time
  2. Request any and all maps here~ I highly suggest that they be from the Steam Workshop!
  3. Jesus, all these dead posts being revived from the dead...
  4. am response to the introduction.
  5. Way to unearth an ancient post. lol
  6. @Jango Fettuccine Let either me or another staff member know when you get on so we can lift your pmute/pgag.
  7. You were causing conflicts with another user and filing false reports to the RDM Manager. The first vote was for 5 minutes, it passed. The second vote was perma, it passed. I take that back. According to the logs, Zane placed those votegags/mutes I thought that was a staff member doing those. Zane has been taken care of due to his actions. Log Snip: @Gigawha also has some input on the subject as well.
  8. I have restarted the server a few times today trying to fix something that I have added to the server. So that is probably why it seems like it is crashing, when it is really me restarting the server. Although! The server does have a random chance to crash on map change and that is mostly due to PointShop2. There is not much I can do about that.
  9. Overkill? I would recommend getting something quite better than you need. So in the future you can build around it if need be.
  10. If you have the money, a 1080 would be ideal. If you do not feel like spending that much, then a 1070 should be good for what you need. As for the company, I do not recommend the stock looking cards. My personal preference is Gigabytes GTX cards. Although you could go for say a 980ti or something, but I would go with one of the newer cards.
  11. Carbon Miku (Beep Boop~) Hatsune Miku (Skirt version.) Rotten Miku (Possible Halloween item?) Zatsune Miku (White shirt version, best version.)