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  1. Aleksis


    You can add me if you wanna play some time
  2. Aleksis

    Map Suggestions

    Request any and all maps here~ I highly suggest that they be from the Steam Workshop!
  3. Aleksis

    I need help picking out a video card!

    Jesus, all these dead posts being revived from the dead...
  4. Aleksis

    1000 ;3

    am response to the introduction.
  5. Aleksis

    TIL I never made an introduction post

    Way to unearth an ancient post. lol
  6. Aleksis

    (Ban Appeal)

    @Jango Fettuccine Let either me or another staff member know when you get on so we can lift your pmute/pgag.
  7. Aleksis

    (Ban Appeal)

    You were causing conflicts with another user and filing false reports to the RDM Manager. The first vote was for 5 minutes, it passed. The second vote was perma, it passed. I take that back. According to the logs, Zane placed those votegags/mutes I thought that was a staff member doing those. Zane has been taken care of due to his actions. Log Snip: @Gigawha also has some input on the subject as well.
  8. Aleksis

    Server Crash On Map Change

    I have restarted the server a few times today trying to fix something that I have added to the server. So that is probably why it seems like it is crashing, when it is really me restarting the server. Although! The server does have a random chance to crash on map change and that is mostly due to PointShop2. There is not much I can do about that.
  9. Aleksis

    Back on the server.

    Welcome back~
  10. Aleksis

    (Ban Appeal)

    topkek much salt
  11. Aleksis

    Post What You Are Listening To Right Now!

    This one go out to muh nigga Harambe
  12. Aleksis

    I need help picking out a video card!

    Overkill? I would recommend getting something quite better than you need. So in the future you can build around it if need be.
  13. Aleksis

    I need help picking out a video card!

    If you have the money, a 1080 would be ideal. If you do not feel like spending that much, then a 1070 should be good for what you need. As for the company, I do not recommend the stock looking cards. My personal preference is Gigabytes GTX cards. Although you could go for say a 980ti or something, but I would go with one of the newer cards.
  14. Aleksis

    Player Model Suggestions

    Carbon Miku (Beep Boop~) Hatsune Miku (Skirt version.) Rotten Miku (Possible Halloween item?) Zatsune Miku (White shirt version, best version.)