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  1. woooaahhhh! (You need a semi-decent PC to run this smoothly)

  2. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  3. >le person joins >welcome.jpg >sudden realization that this isn't 4chan
  4. Hotpost

    I like lights

    I have a shitty camera, so i'll just post what profiles I use for my keyboard: (I don't use all of these, but most of them I do.)
  5. Nice! Looks like modelling really interests you Looking forward to future content from you!
  6. Yeah, there was a fake twitter account that said he was gonna release a third installment in the series. Someone asked if it is true, and he said he did not own the account, but there was going to be a third one coming. After seeing Game Theories review the two games in depth, I can't wait to see what the new game will contain... Watch them if you haven't, it's really worth watching:
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    2. MuffinTramp

      "Combat Blood Starring Mickey Mouse" I have no words

    3. Coment

      "College Circus Beatdown" Woah there poor college clowns, they didn't do anything

  7. Always wanted to bhop in the theater Might become annoying for some people though.
  8. For... Science!
  9. I was gonna suggest some things you can try but then I remembered you pretty much work with that stuff all the time, so i'm just gonna try to search the web for obscure solutions... The fact that a source game is lagging on a 760 isn't normal... Maybe you got a defective GPU?
  10. Hotpost


    Welcome, and enjoy your stay.