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  1. the videos work fine in any room, but because the queue window don't work, I'm unable to queue any video on my own and every time I enter a room, there is a lua error
  2. Who's online? You of course

  3. wait, what? I won something a long time ago?

    and just now I'm seeing it?

  4. you know... something that really needs to add... the Wonderbolts/Shadowbolts outfit with and without the headpiece
  5. the way the game is made, make it hard to troll or grief another player (unless you invite him to the party, then, you're screwed), because the griefer hardly will find you in the planet you are landed, but it's a good idea to have a way to know who is online (by having a bot in the server all times that only reply to commands like that, or a server script)
  6. hmm.. entered today and no problems until now (I even forgot that report I made past year)
  7. I don't have a fav genre in particular... any game with a good/great story I love it (if the sound/music is good too, is a insta-fav)
  8. Bonberjean

    Free Games

    all codes were used
  9. If I had the right tools I could make the blindfold (I'm too lazy to search a proper software)
  10. hey... It's not my fault if someone forgot to put the password in the server, anyone could enter
  11. oh I know a new one... You're not supposed to be here... (-500 coins) Connect to the dev server
  12. TF2 competitive is cool

  13. Not sure if good Idea... but if anything a button called 'queue random video' instead would be better, and the server show that the video is a randomized video queued by <someone>, that way, the room will not play randoms videos that nobody is watching or that nobody want to watch