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  1. Hello, I am a member of GC, and it has stayed that way for a while. I'm finally back and im glad to be here with the GC Family again I have ben gone for long for reasons I can't talk about. I just hope for the best of my dad right now. Well some of you guys know me, some of you guys don't. Let me tell you about me Age: 15 Sex: Boy ahah sex lol About me: I love anime ALOT and I'm a trustworthy person, I never let anyone down. The way you are to me affects the way I am to you. If your mean to me I will ignore you. That simple This server is honestly one of my favorites. I signed up for amin so long ago, im no longer about that. I just want you guys to be happy and put on funny videos c: Ask me a question I will love to answer them! - Im back <3 Also im taken and I don't online date.. cx
  2. Spongbob84


    Welcome bro! rape
  3. i wana be a pizza tree that grows pizzas and apples mmm
  5. My friend and I are making a Trouble and Terrorist Town server, but are in need of a HUD. If you're able to help me out with this. please message my steam: spongebob94 - Please Today/Tomorrow - My skaype is Kadin.sudia1 If that's easier for you.
  6. Spongbob84


    Yep One time I lifted a cracker and everybody was like jealous. Yea, im that cool.
  7. Spongbob84


    Holy crap. Umm, danm.. Not going to happen xD maybe 9 hours or a little more xD
  8. Spongbob84


    I played 7 hours straight on the srever and got half marathon ;DD
  9. Spongbob84

    White House

    If you lived in the white house what would you do? - Id use all the bathrooms till I find the one I like.
  10. Ohhhhhh, That's why my dad said where not getting the new xbox. I asked him why and all he said was "nope" And cut me off :P
  11. Give my guy 5 stars if you like pie. :)

  12. What would be cool if you get a glow stick And add sortave a Dynamic lighting and it would look beast!
  13. Drink it and walk super fast for a amount of time! :D
  14. Is it alright for your eyes to bleed?