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  1. Also you seem to get stuck in front view and can no longer go in first person...unless that is intended for the April Fools?
  2. Oh nice, those looks great. Send me a link and I'll look into adding them.
  3. The ambient color doesn't go away when outside of apartments. This is when leaving normally through the elevator as well. Ambient color was from Drone's apartment. This affects all player models as well since Dragon was also darkened and he was playing as Judy Hopps: @Xerasin
  4. This is so old and the code has changed quite a bit so closing, especially since nobody else has complained about it since then. Changed Status to Closed
  5. The pony player model is fairly low poly compared to the sfm model so the ears being modified for that may not be an option. Things that causes their ears to change shape in the show will not be added.
  6. I want to clarify that this is a console command and not a chat command. To use console commands, you have to open the console using the ~ key and then type in: coins_drop 100 if you want to drop 100 coins. The preferred way is giving coins instead of dropping them just like Senpai said.
  7. Noz seems to be offline every time I want to talk to him about his shades model. The shades are just 5 objects slapped together. This causes unnecessary mesh overlapping. The models need to be made in Edit mode and not Object mode (as far as Blender goes). This means you'll need to learn how to edit the mesh so you can combine all the shapes into one object. Once you do that, then you'll be on the right path to making models. Reason it isn't a good idea to do what you've been doing is that the overlapping meshes create unnecessary polygons which affect the performance of the video card. The less amount of polys (without affecting the texture quality), the better it is for use in a game. Also while you are in Object mode (or Edit mode with all the vertices selected), you can enable smooth shading (which is required for source models) to make the mesh look smooth. This gives you room to lower the poly count since you get to see if your changes screw with the smoothness of your model. Another thing about the shades, your model doesn't have a rim around the lenses. The shades in the show are plastic sunglasses from the late 80's to early 90's. Since they are completely black and the shine on the lenses cover the front almost completely, it can be hard to tell if they have a rim. The rim doesn't need to be thick, just make it fairly thin. I know some sunglasses don't have a full rim, but I'd like for these to have a full rim.
  8. As of right now, special effects like that aren't planned. Currently I'm trying to finish up the current features I have planned. I probably won't get around to new stuff like that for a long time.
  9. Looks like a decent start. It is a bit too blocky. Maybe make it rounder around the edges.
  10. Starting with UCC v0.6.2.1, the command list will be hosted off of my website. This means I can update the list live instead of waiting on the server to update. That means I'm willing to take suggestions for what console commands I should add to the list. What I need: Console command/convar Description of what it does If a convar, what type of convar is it? (boolean convars are only 1 or 0) Reason why it'd be useful enough to add to the list If its a boolean convar, I'll make it toggleable. UCC Binder is coded so that it'll try to toggle a convar if you enter the convar without the parameter. Please test out the command/convar before requesting.
  11. I fixed the front view conflicting with the apartment editor. It'll be in the next update.
  12. Not a bug. You are lowering the alpha value below the threshold causing it to disappear. In a previous update I added $alphatest to the material allowing you to turn off the base layer by lowering the alpha value. When customizing colors, never use the alpha slider unless you are either turning off a layer, or using the translucent material.
  13. Consider it closed since this was from when UCC was initially introduced.