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  1. The killing is only for the area the stands people dont have crowbars when they are watching the fights
  2. It would be cool if you added a fighting arena! Its like a regular theater but you can kill each other for money. You bet into a game for 100 coins and whoever wins gets all of them. Then there is are seats so you can watch everyone fight or just watch the videos. Each person bets in it will wait 5 minutes to wait for anyone else to join then once times up everyone that bid would teleport to the arena. Also everyone only has a crowbar no guns or anything. Sound cool? I would love to be able to fight!
  3. Yeah like you sell your thing back half goes to the lottery and the rest goes to the player so there is no ecomeny problems and this still allows you to sell your model and get some $.
  4. I think it would be a great ideam if you were able to return skins. If your regular player you can retun for half the price you bought it and if donator/admin you sell back for 75%. I want to do this because i recently bought Vass skin which i don't really like also the Lyra model. I thought i wish i could return these since i dont want them and also i want more money so i can buy skins i do want. Sound cool? Tell me what you guys think i wonder if there is anything else we could do about returning.