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  1. shows all in video. I don't see any errors in console when i spawn the boxcar. If you try even attempt to enter it while its glitching into the ground you wont be able to move and you'll be stuck their.
  2. I see some1 ripped some music from Elevator Source Anyways since I'm posting here again, here's something random I've found
  3. Alright here is my favorite elevator music of all time. GoldenEye N64 Elevator music. Their 2 elevator musics, but I like this one better.
  4. until

    damn why are they events always gottta be so late !!! Can their be 2 showings!? like 5-7pm? For those who can't make it 10pm.
  5. Gotta process the 1st class mail!!!

    GOTTA GO FAST!!!!!

  6. fixed, don't know why it was in private. I hope the staff can come to agreement to add this stud
  7. ok people enough with the ponies... seriously! Here's a play model that I posted on this fourms awhile back, since that time their wasn't one created. At last..... the time has come! I think few members here even agree with me that they wanted this model, it's been awhile since I last been here.. ok here it is.. SPYRO THE DRAGON BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAD PLEASE ADDD !!!! here is video of him in action, he can do only 3 emotes, dance, bow and wave. But still he works and he is pony size, he may be a little smaller then the ponies.
  8. YES I APPROVE THIS!! Gmod tower does this for Halloween and Christmas.
  9. Hello everyone it's been a long time since i been here, I've been very busy at work and don't have any freetime to play on this awesome server. Well i got a new time change which gives me little free time in mornings. Well since I'm back i've been thinking of a new idea, but before i talk about my idea. I want to thank to who ever added my slot machine idea. I knew it was going to be a success and i was right it was. Credit farming is the #1 reason why players love cinema, lottery, watching videos, hunting them coins, and playing on slot machine. It's a way to have players staying and keep coming back to the server to do, give them a goal why to credit farm, to win big prizes like new models.tags,popcorn, and spam on the slot machines. And now i see whats new it shop is the ITEMS, like the portable checkers, chair, couch and the box car. A great idea to credid farm, yes i know some people think it's a stupid. but it what keeps this server alive and have players keep coming back playing. So lets now go with my idea. My idea add Guns to shoot zombies, yup i know few are going to say NOPE.AVI why? Because people is going to buy and start shooting people in lobby and over the areas? Yes you know what thats a possible will happen. now to counter that if you bu a gun you wont be able to use it until you reach the dungeon to shoot zombies, like when you under your crowbar is pulled and you'll be able to pull your weapon you bought. Now yes this is a good way for people to credit farm on zombies, but theirs another few issues i know the few programmers are going to object too, the players shoundn't be able to dmg each other with guns, like the same way they do with crowbar. 2nd issue a player should not have infinite ammo and has to repurchase more ammo from store, this would BALANCE the credit farming. Also make gun very expensive like couple thousands of dollars. Only pistols, maybe shotgun or machines guns. WAIT WTF? WHY? you guys say, on slow walkers? Now we get into part 2 of my idea, the zombies. If their ever going to be an idea adding more to the map? If not then screw my 2nd idea, but keep idea with pistols, if yes going to add more to map then i was thinking adding a underground dungeon filled with fast zombies and poison zombies, this is were my shoguns and machines gun would come to play, yes crowbar you wont last a second to a fast zombie. Anyways i was thinking you guys should make the fast zombies worth 2 points and poison zombies 3 points. I think this is another great idea that i think all would approve, cause it's credit farming, but again balance it out that the player needs to keep repurchasing ammo from store for what weapons they are using.. This i think is an excellent idea that will keep players on the server and coming back to do. I need to head to work theirs going to be alot of horrible spellling and grammer cause I'm typing this in a rush its 12pm need to go to work 1pm so yea. Let me know what you guys thought about this idea.
  10. * hugs moldy * i know i miss alot of awsome invents, moslly this stuff happens like midnight or early morning. Best day ever is when gceinema was underattack my millions of headhumpers
  11. forget it guys, xersin shot down this idea, and rest of my great ideas, lobby musc would be awesome, but its not gonna happen.
  12. flashflight should be admins/programers/owners and donators only. Also the *click noise* better off being disabled... got very anoyying in old theater, trolls loved it.
  13. here you go, includes few of them that were requested above.... *cross fingers* deer antlers... deer antlers..... deer antlers.....
  14. is their any? dollar bills for popcorn? eheh love to throw 100 dollarbills on the floor
  15. What everything think having trails as they adventure around, for example Rainbow dash will be running around with a rainbow trails behind her. Or Fluttershy with hearts and ect ec ect