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  1. Hey Delmare I hope you enjoy "the show" and have a great time on the server XD. Hope to see you around so we can watch sum vids together c:
  2. Unicorn because if you get strong enough in magic I am sure you can purfect a flight spell.
  3. Yay, now we don't have to disable HTML 5 everytime a video doesn't work it does it automically thnx Xera :3

  4. Sir Vown

    Hay Guys

    Hey there hope to catch you in-game and welcome to the great and wonderful GCinema XD Enjoy your stay~
  5. I look forward to spending time withchu as well Add me up and we can watch some videos together or just have random talks btw Leeroy is a pretty awesome name ;P
  6. I added you but you have to add me back VvTotallyAgreePCorGTF0vV (Completely Jealous for not having a console besides Wii U)
  7. This bugs me greatly can only imagine what Coment will be like XD
  8. (I remembered Rarity mentioning it before originally and forgot what it was I said and was curious to know what Saucey's first words were :3) Found it kind of funny that the first words I ever spoke were "oh no :c" I remember why as well. I was scared I was going to disconnect and not be able to find the server again so there you have it I was in distress from day 1. Player Chat 05/23/13 23:18:19 Msg: oh no :c, Zone: Lobby Sir Vown (STEAM_0:1:47732357)
  9. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

    1. Mason

      Wise words.

  10. The ability to throw corn while sitting is finally here! X3

  11. Are those speakers on the rollercoaster? If so why are they there? lol (dont have those in canada!)