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  1. Good thing I only bought one thing during the sale and it wasn't even for me ;3
  2. Snow Bro


    Your text is so tiny, but i've seen you around a little bit and love your art. Would love to see you around the server more often. I Hope you continue to enjoy your stay.
  3. I know we've never really talked in the past, but I would love to start seeing you around more. I remember seeing you around a lot when I use to jump between PL and Gcinema when I was just starting to get into the community quite a while ago. I hope to see you more often on the server Amber and feel free to que a stream on the cinema screen whenever you started one up again i'd love to watch it some time.
  4. @Midnight Light Love Glitch Mob especially "Our Demons". @Sputnik for showing me that song
  5. I would love to be a doritos bag. very much Tron Player Model [link] I love the way the Tron player model looks and I think some of the newer people would use it that didn't care for Homestuck or MLP. Also The Doritos bags omg we need those, everyone would buy that just because its a walking bag of chips and the Mt. Dew is a bonus on the side, but then again i'm not sure if the server can handle that level of yet.
  6. "I'm part of the team!" Join Gcinema group on steam "Notice me!" Make a post on Gcinema forums in introductions introducing yourself "Shhh.. i'm asleep" Go AFK for a total of 10min or longer/less "Part of the community" Link your account on forums "Gotta go fast!" Run to the secret gallery after you were the one to press the button and arrive in time "Didn't want to see it anyways." Suicide when a video starts up in the theater you are in. "So many Senpais" Be on when all owners are on at the same time. "Shake it baby!" Throw money at someone dancing "I might have a problem" Watch a MLP video as a pony player model in Luna's Room "Its not creepy" Stare at someone for a certain amount of time and throw popcorn at them then look away "Your cashier god is not impressed" Use the car glitch to get in the dungeon to hit the sales person with a crowbar "How rude" Spray over someone else's spray "I swear it was broken before I touched it!" Rejoin Gcinema after the server restarted or crashed "Kleiners repopulate like rabbits" Be in the same room with 5 or more Kleiners "Its my day to be special" Log in on your B-day (account must be linked) "Lobby is best theater" Stay in the lobby for an hour without going AFK "Self promoting cinema" Que a video that has Gcinema in the name "I came for the pretty lights and left with a Seizure" Attend a rave party (Play X thrown on all the walls in a room) "Whisper me a secret~" Use the @ command to whisper to someone "Titleist title of the titles" Give yourself a title I'm not sure if some of these are possible though, but here is what I can think of for some achievements.
  7. Just doesn't seem the same without suicide command working on Gcinema. It made it more interesting seeing a body fly past you randomly on occasion. The beeping noise should be removed though if it is brought back.
  8. I could see the piano thing being a problem. I could be annoying to people that spam the keys, starting arguments on who wants to play it, or if someone goes afk on it.   I think it would be help the server if we made some of these items donators only stuff in the store to encourage more people to donate.
  9. I hope for the best Madison and will always be here if you ever need to talk to someone. I'm just glad to hear that it isn't as bad as it could have been and pray for a speedy recovery for you and your family.
  10. Snow Bro

    Goodbye Gcinema

    One does not simply leave the community and say they are no longer a brony.    (jk) I wish you luck Hej. It was fun chatting with you on TS when you were on it and have a good one.
  11. Ohh the Arbiter. I would like to see this the server. 
  12. Xerasin, very fine work on the update for the map. It looks amazing.
  13. Welcome to the server Dalmare and happy to hear you are enjoying it.