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  1. [IN-GAME ENTRY] SteamID: 76561198025762530 (STEAM_0:0:32748401) Plot name: EventSpring2017 Name: WTIR (Grand Opening) Screenshot: May the best win!
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:32748401 Plot Name: The Onsen Episode Name: The Onsen Episode Screenshots:
  3. Looking to snag a few EB Games' Shiny Rayquaza codes from down under, but I don't have any contacts from the area, so I'm looking to you guys for assistance.
  4. While we're recommending Splatoon models: Inklings Octolings
  5. Joke's on you, being lit on fire is my fetish. Also, good luck to everyone that's not me I guess.
  6. Always felt like we needed pokemon models. Awesome, but is the server even fresh enough for these models?
  7. I actually like the concept of the birthday achievement, as it would be a nice present to receive coins for signing on that day. However, I do agree it's easily exploited, which is a problem and takes away from the concept of such a reward, so I'm not against shelving it temporarily until we can find a way to fix how easily it is to "achieve." If no such way exists, then its removal would probably be for the best.
  8. ​Fair call. I understood your post as being more neutral to the idea than in support of it, so I listed further reasons as to why I'd like to see it added.
  9. Just a minor counterargument, but on lower-end PCs (like mine), PlayX runs terribly slow and ends up taking more time to use than just searching for what I want to queue using !q. An in-game asset like this would probably save a bit of processing power on potato quality PCs. Also, I feel having an in-game favorites list would save people quite a bit of time and headache, as we wouldn't need to sign in every time or constantly alt-tab to copy-paste urls.
  10. I could see this working as a nifty donator feature, as it's not a necessity, but a neat idea. There aren't many features exclusive to donators anymore, after all, and it could gate potential trolling (ie: putting inappropriate videos into bookmarks, then easily flooding the queuelist with them).
  11. Assuming I win right this minute, pay off all my friends' student loan debt, build them and my immediate family identical housing structures, get married, and invest the shit out of my remaining money so I generate enough to last the rest of my life to pass on to my future children.   Also, I'd probably buy a PC that can run games past medium settings, for once. #thedream
  12. SXD24

    Please no! ;~:

    Well, the way I see it, it's a video game movie, so 50/50 chance it will either not get made or suck shit. Nothing to get concerned over.
  13. You can use the links on the "now playing" sidebar on the home page.