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  1. It has been a really long time since i've been on here...

  2. someone deleted me on steam because I wouldnt give them weapons I had since I dont play that much anymore... A. just because I've not played in a while doesn't mean I won't start again... and B. dont be an immature idiot -.-

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    2. Coment

      My mind is set regarding TF2 items: I don't give them. Annoy me and you get blocked. Simple, easy, and avoids a lot of drama.

    3. Mason

      If anyone on my friend's list begs me for my CS:GO items, I warn them to stop the first time, and remove them the second time.. Usually if they're begging for items they have you added for the items, not because they're actually a friend.

    4. cluna3096

      I sat back and had a good long laugh about their stupidity...

  3. Anything major change in the past 2 months? Been kinda gone for a while... *awkward chuckle*

  4. I've been dead on here for a bit... sorry everyone. Gonna start being active again soon(TM?) <3


  6. Despite the fact the only time ive "used" it is when i told you about the times they said it in the game...?
  7. id like to reflect on this once mire Senpai and say another one is people trying to fart on another man's balls... (I swear if you try ti act like youve no idea what im talking about... ill bring two belts to school)
  8. We have converted another...
  9. Half Life 1 decided to autosave after a gamebreaking glitch occured, preventing me from progressing further. having not manually saved yet, I was out about an hour.
  10. My friends. Honestly my family is shitty enough to me I'd be happier without them, but without the friends I have I'd be very unhappy. And as for the internet thing, there was a time before it... We can make do if it would ever come again.
  11. needs more Alan Wake 2 already...
  12. Okay, should've asked this when I submitted the thing originally, but when applying for admin/moderator position, after submitting the application, is there anything else I need to do or is that it?

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    2. Mason

      We are on a new applications system. Only admins/superadmins/owners can view the applications. If you're accepted, you will be notified, obviously.

    3. cluna3096

      Ah, alright. Thanks for the info! ^^

  13. Them.... No matter what happens I can't get tired of their music. especially The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper ;~; check them out everyone. you might enjoy it!!!!
  14. When people nitpick me for the littlest things that dont even affect them... they're not hurting you, buck off. I have done nothing to you. but of course I just sigh and stop instead of saying that.