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  1. Despite the fact the only time ive "used" it is when i told you about the times they said it in the game...?
  2. id like to reflect on this once mire Senpai and say another one is people trying to fart on another man's balls... (I swear if you try ti act like youve no idea what im talking about... ill bring two belts to school)
  3. We have converted another...
  4. Half Life 1 decided to autosave after a gamebreaking glitch occured, preventing me from progressing further. having not manually saved yet, I was out about an hour.
  5. My friends. Honestly my family is shitty enough to me I'd be happier without them, but without the friends I have I'd be very unhappy. And as for the internet thing, there was a time before it... We can make do if it would ever come again.
  6. needs more Alan Wake 2 already...
  7. Them.... No matter what happens I can't get tired of their music. especially The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper ;~; check them out everyone. you might enjoy it!!!!
  8. When people nitpick me for the littlest things that dont even affect them... they're not hurting you, buck off. I have done nothing to you. but of course I just sigh and stop instead of saying that.
  9. didnt even finish half life 1 because of that stuff...
  10. A friend kept asking me to watch it, going as far as letting me us his netflix all I wanted... I had been looking for a reason to anyways, but i wasn't being so open about it... But i started watching it and thoroughly enjoyed it, of course watching the intro originally made me feel kinda embarrassed, but I got over it... I wasn't hidden about liking it either for the longest time, quite open and happy about it. It's lead to a lot of good in my life and honestly, without it, things would be a lot worse. Aside from all terrible chaos its caused so far, I haven't regretted being one since.
  11. My Little Pony... or writing...
  12. Oh god... I can smell the fallout of that...
  13. was doing a livestream of the game Sanitarium from 1998... games today have us pampered with autosave whereas this doesnt... 2 hours in my character gets stuck and cant move at all. I try saving and reloading and nothing. my last save was 2 hours prior. still kicking myself hard over this. 2 things I learned: manual save is very very very important in all games, not just fallout and that Sanitarium is rage inducing with its glitches... end ranting
  14. I have a basement?!?!?!?!?! and senpai, I noticed you first ;)