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    (Ban Appeal)

    • Denied

    Server: Trouble In Terrorist Town
    STEAM ID: 76561197995023494
    Current IP:
    Reason for ban: Called staff a slut; multiple issues
    Protest Message: I mean this only happened because she, #1 Exploited a map, #2 KOSed on follow (D vs D at that, and OMGRabbit didn't handle it) #3 False KOSed me as a Detective. She brought up personal matters over voice chat in front of the server, but since I responded with them she instantly banned me even though OMGRabbit had just given me a warning.
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    7 minutes ago, MADMAN32395 said:

    @Aleksis see #network_administration around time of posting.

    I mean if you're talking about ulx asay then I'll just gladly admit I called her out for whoring herself online then manipulating sad rich men into giving her items for CS:GO, then proceeding to call them things not limited to, but including, "psychotic," then just selling/trading them for items of more worth to her. That's what she banned me for. 

    EDIT: Wait since when was getting banned in a server the same as Discord? RIP, I liked you guys. :(

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