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    Server: Cinema
    STEAM ID: 51495948
    Current IP: 432.545.743.434
    Reason for ban: Exploiting the map
    Protest Message: Hello, I was banned for 17 years in an attempt to exploit the map. I have learned my lesson and would like my ban to be reduced as I am a frequent player and supporter on the server. I would like to point out that I have witnessed other people exploiting the map so why is it just me getting continuously banned for doing something that doesn't involve harassing others?

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    My two cents. This player has repeatedly exploited the map despite warnings, has returned on an alt just to troll and queue rule-breaking videos, abused !admin to report nonexistent "bugs" and has failed to report any real bugs, has begged me and others at length for coins, has begged to be unbanned from rooms after annoying other players, has harassed players that have banned him from their rooms via wall-exploiting into their rooms (evidence here). Despite numerous bans they continue to show lack of willingness to adhere to rules and staff warnings.

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    You are trying to make this sound much worse than it is. I've seen plenty of players exploit the map it does no harm to players and the server itself. Returned instantly admitting that I was on an alt account and all I did was exploit the map on the alt. rule-breaking videos was in my own rentable room (yes I am aware it's rule-breaking now). Never abused admin never heard of the command. The formula to getting out of the map is a long existing bug that you guys should be aware of because it is found in the following video: ASKED you for coins in order to get the achievement that requires 250,000 coins then I was going to simply return them. The only other player I "begged" for coins is MAFIA who was well AFK (as I have him on my friend's list) and he doesn't even speak English. Never intentionally annoyed players just jumped around and entered the room frequently then was banned. After I simply asked if I could be unbanned. When I remained banned I tried exploiting in revenge, however, it only puts your player model in the room. I know you despise me but it's not a reason to continuously pick on me.



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    Getting some things right:

    -You say multiple times that you've seen others exploit the map. That doesn't give you any right to do the same. I don't get to post earrape because I see someone queuing, or IRL run a red light because I see someone else doing it. Think it's unfair? Report it.

    -That video is more than a year (probably two) old, if that user did it today they would get warned just as you were.

    -"Doesn't involve harassing others", except because those others don't want you at all on the room. That's the point of the rentable banning system. Of course going against it isn't accepted.

    -I don't see neither you or your alt queue rule-breaking videos or use !admin. Nae, you might've confused him for someone else.

    -There aren't any warnings made by the official system btw

    -Yes, the car glitching is a long-standing bug. The problem is, it isn't as easy to fix as it seems, and the only alternative until then would be to remove it from the server. Or, people could respect the rules and listen to the admins saying "don't do that".

    -Coins-wise it's not just MAFIA, to be fair.

    -You said you were going to report the glitch bug. You didn't report it. You kept doing it after. Admins told you to stop, and you ignored them.

    -You're still joining the server with your alt, bypassing the ban applied. That's not a way to get your appeal through.

    -Nice IP btw. Only three fields and you fake one of them.



    Going to leave it up to the admin who banned you, maybe they are willing to reduce it. I'm not completely sure I would, though.

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    Seems I was mistaken about the use of !admin quite possibly, I apologize for this error.


    Rule-breaking videos queued by this player:


    Also a transcript of them begging me for coins over Steam messaging:

    Monday, January 09, 2017
    9:08 PM - Nulti: can i have 1000000 coins?
    9:09 PM - Nae Gevurah: with time and work you can get there ^_^
    9:09 PM - Nulti: thats a bit unfair considering you were given 500000
    9:09 PM - Nulti: i only want it for the achievment then i will give it straight back
    9:10 PM - Nae Gevurah: begging for money is technically against the rules so you should be okay with whatever I answer ^_^;
    9:11 PM - Nae Gevurah: the highest "x number of coins" achievement is 100,000
    9:11 PM - Nae Gevurah: not one million ^_^;
    9:11 PM - Nae Gevurah: if you're in cinema sometime we can go over some achievements you have left, and what you do have, and I can consider whether I can give you some of mine
    Wednesday, January 11, 2017
    12:12 AM - Nulti: can i have 1 million coins?
    12:12 AM - Nulti: borrow i should say
    12:12 AM - Nulti: wait you said you would help me get the achievements right?
    12:13 AM - Nae Gevurah: I said I would consider it bearing in mind what achievements you have left and what coins you presently have
    12:13 AM - Nae Gevurah: you have roughly 50k necessary for the highest coins achievement (100k, not one million)
    12:13 AM - Nulti: will you be my valentine?
    12:13 AM - Nae Gevurah: I'm dating someone already, I'm sorry
    12:13 AM - Nulti: i already have 100k achievement i just need a million
    12:14 AM - Nae Gevurah: There is no million achievement
    12:14 AM - Nulti: cant you be my valentine so i can get the achievment?
    12:14 AM - Nulti: theres one thats 250000
    12:15 AM - Nae Gevurah: Just a sec, let me look over the list
    12:16 AM - Nae Gevurah: Meanwhile, tell me the high-coin-achievements that you haven't gotten yet
    12:16 AM - Nulti: 10k coins from videos
    12:16 AM - Nulti: 250000 coins
    12:16 AM - Nulti: add 10k coins to the lottery
    12:16 AM - Nulti: win the lottery
    12:17 AM - Nulti: earn 10k on the slots
    12:17 AM - Nulti: hit the slots jackpot
    12:17 AM - Nulti: wrong number lose lottery 100 times
    12:17 AM - Nae Gevurah: Okay
    12:17 AM - Nae Gevurah: All but one of those I can even help with
    12:17 AM - Nae Gevurah: Considering they're things you have to do on your own
    12:17 AM - Nulti: yes
    12:18 AM - Nae Gevurah: Now then, Hatty Impersonator is 250000 coins obtained, awards 1000 coins
    12:18 AM - Nae Gevurah: I can just give you 1000 coins though
    12:19 AM - Nulti: id give back the 200000
    12:19 AM - Nulti: i just want the achievments really not the coins
    12:19 AM - Nae Gevurah: Why do you want to get that achievement?
    12:19 AM - Nulti: its just one of the few that are obtainable
    12:20 AM - Nae Gevurah: They all are obtainable, with time
    12:20 AM - Nae Gevurah: I have every achievement there is
    12:20 AM - Nae Gevurah: I joined in may 2015
    12:20 AM - Nulti: i joined before that
    12:20 AM - Nulti: 2013 i believe
    12:21 AM - Nae Gevurah: tell you what
    12:21 AM - Nae Gevurah: Get to 125k and I'll get you to the rest of the way there
    12:21 AM - Nae Gevurah: ^^_^
    12:23 AM - Nulti: that will be years
    12:29 AM - Nulti: ok
    12:29 AM - Nulti: im at 125k
    12:29 AM - Nae Gevurah: question
    12:30 AM - Nae Gevurah: do you prefer keeping the 125? or just having it temporarily
    12:30 AM - Nulti: um
    12:30 AM - Nulti: does this question depend on whether or not you will help me
    12:30 AM - Nae Gevurah: it's just a question
    12:31 AM - Nulti: keep if thats ok
    12:31 AM - Nae Gevurah: I was planning on lettign you keep it if you offered to hand it back
    12:31 AM - Nae Gevurah: ^_^;
    12:31 AM - Nae Gevurah: I'll do half
    12:31 AM - Nulti: but i need the achievment
    12:32 AM - Nae Gevurah: mhmm?
    12:32 AM - Nulti: i was about to say
    12:32 AM - Nulti: if you gave me 200k from the start
    12:32 AM - Nulti: i would of given it back
    12:32 AM - Nae Gevurah: And I have no basis to agree to that nor believe that ^_^
    12:32 AM - Nae Gevurah: Now stop asking me for money.
    12:43 AM - Nulti is now Away.



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