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Found 17 results

  1. Sorry kinda new here ^^; was just looking between the gametracker info as well as the staff info and was wondering is there not a hour requirement for staff? I see some moderators have not been active in a year or longer? Maybe I'm basing this off previous experiences but I believe the starting point of a healthy community is a confident and regulated staff base. How they interact with the community and stuff. I understand the server has been kind slow/dead, but I believe implementing a hour requirement may boost this for a few reasons. No one wants too get on a server where they see 0 players at, seeing a staff member would show at least some interest and activity. The more engaged in the community your staff are the more likely they will be to draw a crowd, get out there and host activities, do events and ect- word will travel and more people may be inclined to join. (just opinion) When I see little to no activity from moderators it makes me think that the project is nothing more than a foot note among the other servers hosted, I mean not naming anyone in particular but some moderators haven't shown activity since july of 2018...
  2. Alright, so the "Who's Online" section at the bottom of the page is suppose to show who is online on the website, correct? I'm here (not shitposting) replying, asking questions, or reacting to people's discussion, but when I navigate BACK to the home screen and scroll down, nothing. When I click "See Full List" 2 guests and me come up, and I'm like "What? Isn't registered people suppose to be shown in the section at the bottom of the home screen?" because when I looked it said "Who's Online 0 Member, 0 Anonymous, 0 Guests (See full list) " I was confused. I didn't know if it was a problem with me or the server or just the internet in general? Is there a problem? or is it just me?
  3. This question came rushing through my mind, so what is everyone's favorite interests and hobbies? The first thing that you think of. I like web browsing, gaming, relaxing, deep thinking, etc. I also like to make topics that I randomly think of.
  4. I would like see everyone's tastes in music. The reason you may ask? So, I can listen to them. It can be anything so don't hold back. Love you guys and thanks for reading. By: Master Protagonist or soon MP The Skeleton (Thinking of changing name to a character that I'm thinking of for myself.
  5. I took a really long break because of life and the challenges that i am currently am facing. As of right now though, everything still seems difficult and depressing, but I'm hanging in there. I enjoyed coming on this server too to watch videos like I used to, still knowing the rules of the server. I'm doing my best on improving my life and trying really hard on getting my social skills better, irl and on the web. Thanks for reading and your time. I deeply appreciate it. I currently play FFXIV and go on the Gcinema server.
  6. I tried the server's teamspeak and discord. No one is on. So if anyone feels comfortable using skype and talking instead of texting, please dont hesitate to give me a notice.
  7. Hi! I figured that I'd post a few apartment suggestions. I know it's in beta, but that means there's more room to expand on things! I had 3 ideas, doors, weather, and the ability to buy more land space. Doors Doors would be a wonderful addition to the apartment creator. It would insure privacy, (for roleplay houses), and the feeling of completion. No one likes the feeling that their house is open to anyone and that there's a gaping hole for their entrance. I think that there would be two types of doors; double doors, and single doors. With the option of coloring them and putting a texture of whatever they wish to it. Being able to add doors would add a new level of customization, and realism. 2. Weather I feel strongly for this one. Customizable weather or a weather cycle would be great for just the right mood whilst watching your favorite horror movie. Or for when you want a realistic roleplay. I think that there should be sliders, letting you have the control of the weather. As in, frequency of the lightning strikes, how hard the rain is falling, and cloud density. Having this option would be an amazing addition to the server. 3 . More space Being able to buy more space would insure that you can build what you want, without worrying about running out of space. The ability to buy more space would be costly but would give you more land. I was thinking the starting price could be 5000 and each time you buy a new piece of land it would cost x1.5. And would lock after 8 uses stating, "MAX". ~Runie
  8. mssg me on this website or send a friend request through steam. and lets play ffxiv! im still a beginner though. thinking of switching worlds or server. OH my character name is Master Protagonist, lol
  9. so is anyone excited for yandere simulator? You can check out the game progress on youtube. I tried it and I like it.
  10. So, I'm just wondering if anyone has advice on computer hardware and online advice. For computer hardware, just tell me good computers to use to buy or build. For online, tell me good software to use or anything I can use to create projects. No adult content, I just had to type that. I'm trying to learn more about computers and the world wide web. (www)
  11. I'm just wondering about everyone's' favorite vocaloids? or software that I never heard of for vocaloids.
  12. So I made a custom card pack for Pretend You're Xyzzy, otherwise known as Cards Against Humanity, that is themed mostly entirely on GCinema. The pack can be found >here< if you want to use it! But I am not officially calling it finished yet. If you have an idea for either a white response card, or a black question card, just leave the idea below! I'll be more than happy to try and add it to the deck!! Please note that not all suggested cards can be added. Some ideas seem good but don't fit well in-game.
  13. SPOILER ALERT I decided to make a layout of the vents, nothing too special. I hope it helps some people that were wanting a map of the vents. If you want, you can take mine and create better ones and post them here. Completely up to you. Green = Vent Orange = Out To's (See other maps for continued layout) Spawn Area Vents Layout Lobby Vents Layout Public Theater Vents Layout Rentable Vent Layout Pool Vent Layout Club Vent Layout
  14. The picture's a little dark, forgive me I'm new to the game. Any chance of a permanent addition to one of the theatres as a tribute to these three famous movie goers? Would be really cool imo.
  15. Hello all, Not sure what this post is supposed to be, so I'm putting it in introductions for those that may or may not know me. I'm not the best at expressing what I mean in words, but I guess this is to organize my thoughts, meet somebody new, or share my experiences or somethin', I dunno. For those that remember me, my username used to be Equestrian Scientist, or ES for short. 4 years ago (around today, not sure exactly when) I joined this server for the first time with an IRL friend over the summer in 2011. I was only like 12 at the time. The theater was empty that day, but my friend and I were impressed with the custom map and UIs, and all the cool player customizations we found on here. So I came back. I can say that was one of the best choices I've made in my life so far, and I'm glad I did. As I joined more and more, I began to see more people on here that would show up daily, so I became friends with them. I met the staff one by one, learning about the people in this awesome community that I wanted to be a part of. I look back at the screenshots I took on those days where the entire server would have fun doing the same thing for an entire day, like the mass pony suicides, spawning of props, or the pony cannons in the hallways, which are things I won't forget. I remember the graffiti walls of sprays people would make, some of the dumb overplayed videos my friends and I laughed at all the time, trying to get as many coins as possible, the addition of slots, and when new exciting things were added to the store. I remember the stories people would post on this forum about events their lives, the drama with Ponyliving, the people that have come and gone, and the people that stayed. All these memories, no matter how important, are things I'm grateful for experiencing. Eventually I felt like I had a real family, a place where I belonged. I never fit in at school, and I didn't go to my blood-related family with any of my problems or for entertainment. For 3 years, I always came here, where people would care about me, and had things in common with me. After awhile, I was given the privilege to administrate/mod here for quite some time. Even though I wasn't the most useful of mods, I was grateful to have that opportunity, and that I could give back to the server that has given me so much. Working with and learning from my fellow staff were some of the best times I've had here as well. I have great memories with each and every person with the little friend icon I see on the scoreboard ingame, and a story with each and every person I talked to somewhat regularly. If there is one thing I regret about my time here is the time that I wasn't here. I regret leaving this place for so long. I gradually joined less and less because I felt myself thinking "I miss seeing x, I wish x was on, or I haven't seen x in forever" with more people. Weather that be coincidence that I was never on when they were, or that those people actually came on less and less, I don't know. I was anticipating seeing lots of people again with the project (I don't know if its been talked about outside the mod discussion boards), but I never heard about that being finished. I never announced I would leave Gcinema forever, and I never planned on that, but I just stopped returning almost a year ago. Recently, for about the last year, I have found a new family. I got into twitch streaming and speedrunning. Everyday I spend time streaming myself, or watching my friends stream their favorite games, talking about things similar to how I used to in Gcinema. I don't regret meeting them, but it reminds me of my time here now that I think about it. I haven't spent nearly as much time on twitch, but its still meaningful to me now. Just as Gcinema still has meaning to me over all this time. I haven't replaced my Gcinema family, I'm now hoping that I can make some of my family merge from Twitch and Gcinema. I'm saying this just in case you wonder where I've been. The last things I wanna mention is that even if you, the reader, remembers me, is upset that I left, doesn't care that I was ever gone, is happy to see that I still care about Gcinema, or doesn't even know who I am, I still love you. I love all of you for talking to me, doing all these wonderful things, creating this wonderful community I love being a part of, and for just being you. You are all amazing people and I want you all to continue to be amazing people, even when we all leave Gcinema one day. And if I haven't met you, it's nice to meet you, and I bet you're awesome. Now as for me, this is not a goodbye, as I actually plan on coming back here more. So much has changed since I left, and I wanna learn about it all. It's amazing that this server is still around, and how its changed so much over the past few years. I'm thankful for being a part of this community for so long, because there's no other thing in my life that I can say feels anything like it. <3 Thank you for reading this wall of text, and for caring. With love, ~Equestrian Scientist / AmberKitten
  16. Name's Lt. Col. Drone. You might have seen me in the GCinema server hanging out in one of the Private rooms. I'm mostly watching stuff Game Grumps, Markiplier, etc... Sometimes, though, I just like to listen to music. I mostly keep quiet in the chat; I not extremely talkative that much. I occasionally will enter a voice-chat channel wherein I pretend to be Wilfred Warfstash.
  17. Well, now that Halloween is over, I guess it's time to start hyping up on Christmas! Actually, no: Fuck that. Thanksgiving comes first. So, considering we can't all get together and have a proper GCinema Fried Turkey feast, why don't we all talk about what we are thankful for? It really isn't all that hard to do if you try... I guess I'll start: I'm thankful that the server has been up and running for roughly a whole year now. I'm thankful for all the wonderful fandoms I've come across over time, including Homestuck and MyLittlePony. And, most of all, I'm thankful to all of the friends I've made here, and I send my thoughts to those who've gone away.