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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, its nice to meet you. I hope I get along with everyone on Gcinema.
  2. Call me Irene, or just Ree. I'm a rather odd little old woman who loves video games, chickens, photography, and uh, Homestuck. Nice to meet you all.
  3. Crispythbae


    I have been on the server for about 7 hours now, and I'm loving it anyways, I like wee ponies, games, art, wobblies and chilling so um.. yea.. hey
  4. Well then. It was a nice, warm day, when I suddenly got a message to try out this certain Cinema -server from a good friend of mine. I'm not one of those people who visit a Cinema -server daily, but when I do, I usually spend more than 5 hours on it. Decided to give this particular one a try since they insisted, and to my amazement, it was actually rather cool, with the coin system and all. Upon being introduced to the UCC -plugin, I just simply had to donate just to try it out. - It's quite well done, if you ask me. Anyways, you'll be seeing me on the server occasionally. I usually hang out with Midnight Light, Shimmy, Serra & Hardcore. If you wanna come say "Hi", don't be shy about it. I'm rather straightforward and friendly. I may bite, tho. I'm usually listening to music / watching random episodes of anime with the people I listed above. I also may have a thing for achievements. You can find basic information about me on my profile here on the forums! - I am not responsible of any brain damage my profile may cause. If you have any questions, be sure to throw them at me! I like questions.
  5. Hello everybody, Nae here. I ran across GCinema while I was looking up CPPM (Custom Pony Player Model) things in the garry's mod Workshop. This sounds like a nice community and something to do other than my usual singleplayer, so Hi! I'm not sure how long my stay will be but I hope to stick around for a while. I also super appreciate seeing some Tda Vocaloid models in the content list! I hope someday my favorite (Tda Yowane Haku Append v2) is added, but it's not the end of the world. Anyway, I'll see ya at the movies :-) ~Nae
  6. Hi everyone!! I'm definitely not new to GCinema (I've been hopping on and off for a couple of years), but I've never formally introduced myself on here! I think this is a great community and would be super happy to contribute to it! p.s. I was also formerly known as magicrat on Steam but have changed my username recently.
  7. Hotpost


    Hey everybody! I've been on the server for a while now, but I just started using these forums. I just have to say that this server is amazing, the community is great, and it is by far the best cinema server on Gmod. As for myself, I'm 17 years old and i'm from Quebec, Canada. ( Yes, i'm a french guy ) - Hotpost
  8. Lol, Title is a joke. I'm Untamed. I'm a pretty cool guy, eh, I frequent the server and doesnt afraid of anything.. I guess Also, could someone remove my "Recruited By" thing? I only realized it was kinda gay and not removable by myself until After I put it on o.o;
  9. Hello everyone of this here forum of the awesome server as Gcinema i am justgotsnif1 and well i like to have fun !! and i love ponies which makes this server just the more awesome for it has pony models anyway ya ... this is me and any other information ....... Age : 18 Name : Justin Pets : Mikey (fat lazy cat) Interests : ponies , anime , sleeping , talking Favorite Movie(s): Wolf Princess , Kikis delivery service (probably more just don't know atm) Fav Childhood tv series: pokemon , digimon , bakumon , soul eater , fruits basket , (again probably more) ....... nothing else .... well if ya wanna know anything more about me just ask in game or add my steam which is Justgotsnif1 :)