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Found 8 results

  1. I am not sure it is feasible to integrate spotify with Gcinema, but I think it should be looked into. A lot of players usually just go in rooms to que up songs on youtube, so why not just add a website that is dedicated to streaming music. Players could create a playlist with an account, then sign in on the browser and start streaming music right to the theater. However, it may be best to restrict spotify to rented rooms, because unlike a youtube videos, spotify does not stop after 1 song and will keep progressing through the playlist until it ends, or loops back to the beginning. Just a thought, but if it works that would be great.
  2. I would like see everyone's tastes in music. The reason you may ask? So, I can listen to them. It can be anything so don't hold back. Love you guys and thanks for reading. By: Master Protagonist or soon MP The Skeleton (Thinking of changing name to a character that I'm thinking of for myself.
  3. People wanted a suggestion box for the Elevator music, so here! I would like to start the topic off by suggesting Megalovania Elevator Jazz mix
  4. I feel that swing music should come back or has in recent songs, give some examples if you know any Here is a taste (4 friken hours): 0:00 The Benny Goodman Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing 5:05 Black Cat Zoot - No Swingin' In Your Walking 8:14 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jumpin' Jack 13:10 Deladap - Crazy Swing 16:10 Cissie Redgwick - Gimme That Swing 19:38 Tape Five - Cool Cat In Town 23:34 Alice Francis - St. James Ballroom 27:26 Black Cat Zoot ft. Dr. Ring Ding - Shake That Bone 30:16 Tape Five ft. Henrik Wager - Dixie Biscuit 34:09 Caravan Palace - Rock It For Me 37:10 Stereo Swing ft. Gabi Szucs - Jazzy Cat Strut 41:00 Black Cat Zoot - Dirty Dance 45:03 Circus Contraption - Hoochie Coochie Girls 49:14 Alice Francis - Shoot Him Down 52:47 Quickstep - The Boogie Bumper 55:09 The Electric Swing Circus - Bella Belle 58:47 Tape Five - Bad Boy Good Man 1:03:03 DelaDap - Don't Turn Around 1:06:08 Diablo Swing Orchestra - A Tap Dancer's Dilemma 1:11:20 Black Cat Zoot - Swinging Tune 1:14:25 Swingrowers ft. Caro Emerald - Stuck 1:18:55 Swingrowers ft. Gypsy Hill - The Queen of Swing 1:23:00 Parov Stelar - Booty Swing 1:26:16 Tape Five - Pantaloons 1:29:47 Jamie Berry - Old Records 1:33:44 The Electric Swing Circus - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat 1:39:16 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Diga Diga Doo 1:43:05 The Speakeasy Three - When I Get Low I Get High 1:46:31 Postmodern Jukebox - Gentleman (Style Psy cover) 1:50:15 Swing Republic ft. Mildred Bailey - T'aint What You Do 1:53:42 Jamie Berry ft. Rosie Harte - Peeping Tom 1:57:16 Swingrowers - Red Duster Rag 2:00:27 Katzenjammer - Demon Kitty Rag 2:04:29 Swingrowers - Senza Ciatu 2:10:07 Little Violet - Don't Stop 2:13:27 Stereo Swing ft. Gabi Szucs - Steppin' Out 2:17:20 Caravan Palace - Jolie Coquine 2:21:09 Dunkelbunt - Cinnamon Girl 2:27:16 Tape Five - Bunga Book 2:30:43 Caro Emerald - That Man 2:34:34 Swing Republic- Fall 2:38:06 5 In Love ft. Cab Canavaral - Swing What You Got 2:42:18 Swing Republic - High Hat 2:45:50 The Electric Swing Circus - The Penniless Optimist 2:48:39 Swingrowers - Via Con Me 2:52:35 Nina Zeitlin - Is That Too Much To Ask (remix) 2:56:04 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jitterbug 2:59:35 Caravan Palace - Star Scat 3:03:33 DelaDap - Cash and Chaos 3:07:09 The Electric Swing Circus - Swingamajig 3:11:11 Caro Emerald - Liquid Lunch 3:14:42 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy- Mambo Swing 3:19:50 Ana Marie - Bom Bom (Sam and the Womp cover) 3:22:45 Stereo Swing ft. Gabi Szucs - Charleston Follies 3:26:27 Tape Five - Geraldine's Routine 3:29:38 Caravan Palace - Bambous 3:32:52 The Electric Swing Circus - Valentine 3:36:58 Stereo Swing ft. Gabi Szucs - Mr and Mrs Swing 3:40:13 Lionel Hampton - It Don't Mean a Thing (remix) 3:43:54 The Speakeasies' Swing Band - Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano 3:47:20 Caravan Palace - Je M'amuse 3:50:57 Tape Five - Madame Coquette 3:54:39 Cantina Swing (remix) 3:57:25 Dimie Cat - Glam 4:04:14 Eileen Barton - If I Knew You Were Comin'
  5. Howdy! I am always in search of new content and things to listen to. I frequent /r/listentothis, but wanted to see what this community has to offer. Maybe together we can find new things to jam out to and share with our friends as well. I guess to start off with the sharing I'd like to show off a Progressive Rock band I found on /r/listentothis that I can put on their entire album collection [ Currently only 3 and about 20ish songs ] and have that as going background music while I work on things. They are an insturmental band so it makes it easy to just have on while you go about doing whatever... Polyphia~ Some Notable tracks: Finale - This is actually the first song and video I saw from this band and it got me interested. Champagne - I think this track is just fun and love it, and the video too. Impassion - This is another fun, and I find it relaxing in a way. Before that band another one I always like to default to is Devin Townsend Project. Another Progressive Rock/Metal that I could put on his music collection and be very content. His album collection is quite larger and each album kind of has a theme to it. Devin Townsend ~Noteworthy tracks: Kingdom - I dunno what it is, but this track feels quite large and epic. Almost like a wall of sound hitting you at the opening. Supercrush - Just love this one to be honest, another large and open sounding track. Vampira - I like the progression of this track is all and the video makes it a favorite that gets stuck in my head. Vhell, hopefully we can discover some track together if anyone is interested! Could be any genre you'd like, just something you think others should listen to... IE what is your fallback album or artist if you can't decide what to listen to. Doesn't have to be long winded either, perhaps a certain album everyone should know. Thanks for reading~
  6. I just wanted to see what type of song(s) everyone likes to listen to. I personally like to listen to everything as long as its not ear rape or racist. So feel free to post your favorite song or songs here i'm curious.   '> This is one of my fav song :3
  7. I'm searching for the most popular music and shows you know and like to make a playlist... note: the music/show must be popular in the entire world (no local musics). need a youtube link(or soundcloud). the music can't be older than 10 years (2004 or more recent) Example: Music: GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타ì¼) Author: PSY Year: 2012 Link:
  8. So, who else out there loves Slim Shady? (Just leave some of your favorite Eminem tidbits, whether it be an album, a single song, a quote from the man himself, whatever. Maybe even a little somethin somethin about why ya like him.) I'd have to say the Relapse album has gotten me through some dark times. A couple light themes like "Old Times Sake" or "Must be the Ganja" keep the album pretty smooth and easy to listen, but then some heavy-hitting emotional tracks like "Deja Vu" and "Beautiful" really sell the darker side of his own life relapse.