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Found 6 results

  1. So I saw we had UCC but I can find out how to access/use it any help?
  2. Did you always want to get into 3d modeling or are a modeler and always wanted to model something for UCC? Then here's your chance! I'm needing 3d modelers to create parts for UCC. I'm pretty much burned out on adding content to UCC and need help creating new parts. Main thing I'm needing are models (preferably custom made and not ported from other stuff, but TF2 ports are ok) and that they be in OBJ format. If you want to go a step beyond and rig, texture, etc...then send me the SMD instead. I don't want the compiled MDL, since there's a good chance I'd have to decompile it to get it to work with UCC. For reference, you can use the pack I made (Pack v1.3, UCC v0.6.5.0) here: Planned things that need to be modeled (pony wise): Clown Hair Clown Suit Lunar Guard Armor Lunar Guard Helmet Back Leg Socks (I will do since I need to redo the sock UVs anyway) Glasses (a bunch of different models) More Hats Facial Hair Feel free to make whatever is on this list or not on this list and post the model here (with images). WARNING: NSFW models will not be tolerated! I will remove the models from the post and ban you for a day! Current modelers: CrudeAustin - Modeled: Royal Guard Armor, Royal Guard Helmet, and Fez Noz - Modeled: RD's Shades and Shutter Glasses. Blender tips: When creating new geometry (like cubes, spheres,etc), only create it in Edit Mode. If its the initial object, then its fine to create it in Object Mode first, but any new geometry should only be done in Edit Mode of that object. Before entering Edit Mode, press T to bring up the toolbox on the left and you should see an option to switch between Smooth & Flat shading. Select your object and click on the Smooth button. This will make your model look smooth and make edges not look sharp. Also when I compile models, it needs to be set to smooth anyway. Adding the Mirror modifier will make it much easier to model your parts if you have a lot of symmetry. Never move your model in Object Mode. If you edit the mesh while the model isn't set to the origin, it'll show up incorrectly on the model. Never overlap the mesh unless the 2nd mesh is intended to be an optional part of the model (such as maybe another tuft of hair). Speaking of hair, never model individual strands of hair! You'll make your video card cry if you do...also I'm looking for cartoony models, not ultra-realistic. When selecting vertices in Edit Mode, you can press Alt+M to merge the vertices into one. If you want to be a bit lazy, you can use the SubSurface modifier, but don't increase any of the amounts beyond their default. If your poly count ends up being a few thousand for your model (Edit mode will give you the accurate amount incase you are modeling using my UCC files), then you might want to start toning it down. Most importantly, practice. Keep practicing. Show me your model and I'll tell you how to improve it if it needs improvement. One last thing, I'm looking for some good quality models. This means you need to put some effort into them. Don't slap simple shapes together and call it a model. You need to make sure the model doesn't have any geometry on the inside that will never be seen from the outside, aka, optimize the mesh. The less your poly count, the better. Of course don't rape the poly count to the point where the model looks like it came from an N64 or PS1 game.
  3. I think being able to add the eye effect of the dark magic from Sombra or Twilight would be amazing, animated or jiggly bone. I know that to animate it would be difficult, but please man. This would be awesome even jiggly boned
  4. Starting with UCC v0.6.2.1, the command list will be hosted off of my website. This means I can update the list live instead of waiting on the server to update. That means I'm willing to take suggestions for what console commands I should add to the list. What I need: Console command/convar Description of what it does If a convar, what type of convar is it? (boolean convars are only 1 or 0) Reason why it'd be useful enough to add to the list If its a boolean convar, I'll make it toggleable. UCC Binder is coded so that it'll try to toggle a convar if you enter the convar without the parameter. Please test out the command/convar before requesting.
  5. So one night Fenix's black hoodie glitched out and the colours of the hoodie became thick blue, white, and grey horizontal stripes. I think it was really cute and now want it in UCC as an actual sweater. I know there is already a striped shirt, but the shirt is tight to the body, and has really thin stripes. And the hoodie is a hoodie; no stripes, just one, solid colour, and has pockets and a hood attached to it. I want a sweater; poofy, no hood, no pockets, and has thick horizontal stripes. Because I thought it was really adorable!!
  6. What is UCC? UCC is a character creator that will allow you to create ponies, humans, and anthros. Starting off it only has ponies, but will eventually have the other models. Why UCC? Our downloads are getting quite big and since we have 30 pony models, I figured its best that we slim it down by making a universal model. It led to me deciding to make an editor and to eventually support anthros since the furry community has crap player models on the workshop. Why did I say anthros and not furries? Because it'll support more than furry anthropomorphic animals such as reptiles and birds. How much space does it take up? 24 MB (15 MB download from workshop). Pisti's addon was taking up 277 MB of disk space (this isn't even including all the extra pony models we had) The reason why Pisti's pack (and others) is so large is mainly because of the amount of vtf files (valve textures) and the space they take up. Also the problem with the pony models is that their textures were unoptimized (loads of empty space on the body texture) and the textures are spread out into separate files. I merged the tongue, teeth, horn, wings, eyelashes and body textures into 1 file and split them into seperate white layers (so they can be colored) and saved them as png files (way smaller than vtf files). Save File Location Saves go in <your steam folder>/steamapps/common/Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Data/uccsaves/ Custom Mark System Custom marks have been coded in. They allow for more than just the ass tattoos by allowing you to have just about full control on what goes on the body texture. URL requirements are that it has to have "http" and ".png" (or ".jpg") in the url for you to use it. Use this image as a guide for positioning your booty mark and other stuff on the body: UV Overlays: Make use of transparency to reduce the amount of work you need to do (ie: no need to color the entire body when the editor can do that for you. Also the more pixels that are colored, the larger the file size). Keep the image 2048 x 2048. In the meantime... You can subscribe to the content pack for UCC here: All characters are saved locally on your computer in your steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/data/uccsaves/ folder. If you wipe your gmod, you wipe your characters. Make sure you backup the uccsaves folder if you reinstall gmod.